Alicorns are a type of species.

What are Alicorns?Edit

Alicorns are winged unicorns. Or horned Pegasi. They have wings and magic. They are Greek(Greece) myths. There are some alicorns in MLP(my little pony). They have special powers.


In MLP, Princess Celestia turned Twilight Sparkle into an Alicorn . Alicorns can have the ability to turn unicorns or pegasi into alicorns. They also have special magic powers, enough to rise and set the moon,sun and stars. Alicorns can use their magic and wings! Some alicorns can have flowing manes, like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, mainly because they're goddesses. Alicorns don't just have magic, others do too!


Alicorns mainly are Princesses. They're awarded for their hard work normally by an Alicorn Princess to become an alicorn. They have to work hard to become a princess. Example: Princess Celestia is Twilight Sparkle 's teacher, and she kept studying and working hard, then she became an alicorn.

Does it count as an alicorn if some pony is an alicorn but can't use their wings or horn?Edit

The answer is no. Alicorns who have disabilities are not alicorns. They have to use both their wings AND magic to be an actual alicorn. It is most unlikely a family has an alicorn born and could use both magic and wings. Alicorns who have disabilities are called Demi-alicorns. Demi-alicorns are alicorns who have disabilities. Mainly because most of the alicorns live in Canterlot.


If an alicorn and alicorn is married, their child will probably be an alicorn. Or an alicorn and unicorn, and maybe an unicorn and alicorn, will probably have alicorn children. It would be unlikely if a Pegasus in Ponyville married an alicorn and had alicorns who could use wings and magic.

Is a Pegacorn and Alicorn the same thing?Edit

Pegacorns and Alicorns are the same thing, it's another word for Alicorn. They have wings and magic, the same.


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