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Applejack is an Earth Pony who works and lives at Sweet Apple Acres. She bucks apples every Applebucking season and most of the time!

She sells cider and apples. Applejack is a member of the Apple Family and her cutie mark is three red apples.


:BigMacIntosh - Big brother

Apple Bloom (Cutie Mark Crusader)- Younger sister
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Braeburn - Cousin

Apple Pie - Cousin

JellyTot - Cousin

Granny Smith-Grandmother(dah) Applejack cutie mark


She is always a cheery, happy Earth Pony and most of the time tells the honest truth. She is the element of honesty, and is polite and caring. She cares about her family, and other individuals.

Equestria GirlsEdit

She appears in the film Equestria Girls.
Applejack (Equestria girls)

Rainbow DashEdit

She always bites Rainbow Dash's tail and stopped Rainbow Dash from being in trouble


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