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Where did it come from?Edit

It laid on the tree, called Tree of harmony . The Tree is in the Everfree forest, Equestria's biggest fear. Secretly located. It is where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna found the Elements of Harmony .


Since the Elements of Harmony together work as a team to form the most powerful magic they can be, they have the most powerful magic in Equestria that has ever been known. It can defeat mighty villains like Nightmare Moon, Discord, e.g. .


Princess Luna and Celestia found the Elements of Harmony while walking in the Everfree forest, Equestria's fear. They used the stones and turned them into the elements and defeated Discord. It was difficult for all ponies, Earth, Pegasi and Unicorn. But then they defeated Discord from eternal chaos and ruled over Equestria.

  • Mentioned in Princess Twilight Sparkle: Discord: Thousands of years ago he captured princess Celestia and Princess Luna and the Tree of Harmony had enough magic to protect Equestria from the seeds he grew. But then the tree unlocked the seeds and the black vines appeared in Equestria.

What are they?Edit

They are actually stones, and Celestia turned them into elements. Then with her magic, she gave the elements enough magic that could defeat any mighty foe.

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See Tree of harmony .