Season 1Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
"Friendship is Magic - Part 1" October 10, 2010 101 1 1
Twilight Sparkle learns that the evil Nightmare Moon will return during the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration after one thousand years of imprisonment in the moon. She tries to warn her mentor Princess Celestia, but the princess ignores her and sends her to Ponyville to check on the preparations for the celebration. There Twilight reluctantly meets Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie for the first time. At the celebration, Nightmare Moon appears in place of a missing Princess Celestia and decrees everlasting night.
"Friendship is Magic - Part 2" October 22, 2010 102 2 2
After Nightmare Moon decrees eternal night, Twilight Sparkle, with the addition of her new friends, ventures deep into the Everfree Forest to find the Elements of Harmony, a set of artifacts used to defeat Nightmare Moon in the past. Nightmare Moon creates obstacles to stop the six ponies, but each of Twilight's friends helps the group overcome them using their own strengths. Once they find the Elements, Nightmare Moon appears and shatters them. Twilight realizes that she and her new friends embody the Elements of Harmony—Honesty (Applejack), Kindness (Fluttershy), Laughter (Pinkie Pie), Generosity (Rarity), Loyalty (Rainbow Dash), and Magic (Twilight Sparkle)—and the six wield them to defeat Nightmare Moon, returning her to her original form as Princess Celestia's younger sister Princess Luna. Princess Celestia returns and forgives Luna, and orders Twilight to remain in Ponyville to continue studying the magic of friendship.
"The Ticket Master" October 29, 2010 103 3 3
Princess Celestia sends Twilight Sparkle two tickets for the upcoming exclusive Grand Galloping Gala. Upon learning of the tickets, each of Twilight's new friends insists they should be the one to go with Twilight, and start giving her special treatment to earn her favor. Twilight is unwilling to pick any one friend over another, and she politely returns the tickets to the princess, despite her friends' apologies for their selfishness. To everyone's surprise, the princess replies by sending back enough tickets for Twilight and all her friends.
"Applebuck Season" November 5, 2010 104 4 4
Apple harvesting season is upon Sweet Apple Acres, but with her brother Big McIntosh injured, the task of bucking apples from their trees falls upon Applejack alone. Applejack insists she can do it herself, and refuses the help of Twilight and her friends. She quickly becomes weary from the work, but still upholds promises to help with other tasks around town. In her sleep-deprived daze, however, her assistance goes awry and wreaks havoc on Ponyville. Twilight intervenes and insists Applejack let her friends help, but it is not until after Applejack collapses that she finally relents, and the task of harvesting is quickly completed.
"Griffon the Brush Off" November 12, 2010 105 5 5
Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash discover they share a common interest in playing harmless practical jokes on other ponies. Later, Rainbow Dash's childhood friend Gilda, a griffin, arrives, and Pinkie finds herself left out of Rainbow and Gilda's activities. When Pinkie sees Gilda acting rudely towards the other ponies around town, she becomes determined to cheer her up with a party. At the party, Gilda becomes the victim of several practical jokes, and she blames Pinkie for them; however, Rainbow Dash admits to setting up the pranks, frustrating Gilda, who flies off, leaving Rainbow to reaffirm her friendship with Pinkie.
"Boast Busters" November 19, 2010 106 6 6
"The Great and Powerful" Trixie arrives in town and boasts being a powerful unicorn, outdoing stunts performed by Twilight's friends with her magic. Spike tries to have Twilight stand up for her friends, but Twilight refuses, believing the rest of town will dislike her due to her own powerful magic. In an attempt to prove Trixie's power to Spike, the colts Snips and Snails lure a giant Ursa Minor bear into town for her to vanquish. Trixie tries to stop the bear, but her magic is too weak. Instead, Twilight is able to use her own magic to lull the bear to sleep and return it to its cave. As Trixie runs off, the town thanks Twilight for her help, and she realizes that they readily accept her magical talent.
"Dragonshy" November 26, 2010 107 7 7
A dragon has taken to a nearby cave, and his smoky breath threatens to cover Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle and her friends are tasked with removing the dragon, specifically expecting that Fluttershy's affinity with animals will be useful. However, as they make the trek up the mountain, Fluttershy reveals her paralyzing fear of dragons, making the journey difficult for the others. At the cave, Fluttershy refuses to enter, and the others try their own means to evict the dragon, only to get knocked against a rock, hurting them in the process. Fluttershy becomes enraged and scolds the dragon for hurting her friends, causing the dragon to cower and cry in shame. Fluttershy is able to ask the dragon to leave of his own accord, leaving Ponyville smoke-free.
"Look Before You Sleep" December 3, 2010 108 8 8
Applejack and Rarity have an argument over their respective approaches to work as they prepare for a thunderstorm. Their arguing traps them outside when the storm hits, but Twilight invites them into the library to spend the night. Twilight decides to throw her first slumber party, much to Applejack and Rarity's regret. The hostility between Applejack and Rarity increases with each activity, with Twilight oblivious to the conflict. As they prepare to go to sleep, a lightning bolt threatens to send a tree branch into a nearby home, but Applejack lassos it in time, accidentally dragging it into Twilight's bedroom. Amid the mess, Applejack and Rarity work together to get rid of the branch and clean up the mess, overcoming their differences. They later apologize to each other, and enjoy the rest of the slumber party with Twilight.
"Bridle Gossip" December 10, 2010 109 9 9
Twilight Sparkle finds that the rest of Ponyville are frightened of the mysterious zebra Zecora who lives in nearby Everfree Forest, and insists their fears are unfounded. An encouraged Apple Bloom goes off to follow Zecora to her home, and the others quickly follow once they notice her missing. They recover Apple Bloom just as she enters a field of blue flowers, where Zecora warns them off. The next day, Twilight and her friends find themselves suffering from strange problems, leading the others to conclude Zecora has cursed them. They find Apple Bloom missing again, and assume Zecora took her. They race to Zecora's hut and confront her, only to find her and Apple Bloom making a potion to cure them of the afflictions, which were caused by the Poison Joke flowers they had stepped in the day before. Once cured, Twilight and her friends convince the townsfolk to be more trusting of Zecora.
"Swarm of the Century" December 17, 2010 110 10 10
Twilight Sparkle anxiously prepares Ponyville for a visit by Princess Celestia. During her preparations, Fluttershy finds a cute creature called a Parasprite and takes it back into town. The other ponies are enraptured by the creature despite its strange ability to reproduce quickly, and each adopt their own except for Pinkie Pie, who immediately starts to look for musical instruments. The next day, Ponyville is flooded with Parasprites that have begun eating everything in town. Twilight and the others try to get rid of them, but are frustrated by Pinkie's search for instruments. As the Parasprites start eating the town itself, Pinkie arrives as a one-pony band and leads the creatures out of town just as Princess Celestia arrives. With the town emptied of Parasprites, Twilight and her friends apologize to Pinkie for doubting her behavior and promise to listen to hers' and others ideas and perspectives in the future.
"Winter Wrap Up" December 24, 2010 111 11 11
Twilight Sparkle is eager to participate in Ponyville's "Winter Wrap-Up", where the citizens help prepare the land for spring without using magic. Twilight tries to help out where she can but finds herself struggling without magic. As she frets about her inability to help, she overhears the various team leaders arguing over the timing of their activities and worried that they will not complete the Wrap-Up in time. Twilight steps in, offering her skills in organization to get the Wrap-Up back on track. The Wrap-Up is successfully completed on time, and the town gives Twilight the job of the official Wrap-Up coordinator.
"Call of the Cutie" January 7, 2011 112 12 12
Apple Bloom becomes worried when two stuck-up classmates, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, get their cutie marks and taunt Apple Bloom as a "blank flank" for lacking hers. Apple Bloom starts striving to find her own talent and get her own mark, asking advice from her sister Applejack and her friends. Despite her efforts, she remains without her cutie mark. She finds herself caught within the Cute-ceañera celebration for Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, and tries to leave before she is ridiculed. Just as she is discovered and teased by her classmates, two other fillies who lack cutie marks, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, stand up for Apple Bloom, assuring that she still has lots of potential in her life; the rest of the partygoers soon take more interest in Apple Bloom and her new friends than Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. After the party, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo form the "Cutie Mark Crusaders" to earn their cutie marks together.
"Fall Weather Friends" January 28, 2011 113 13 13
After a friendly game of horseshoes, Applejack and Rainbow Dash start boasting to the other about their athletic prowess. They begin an informal series of "Iron Pony" challenges to determine who is better, but Rainbow Dash, enabled by her wings, soon takes the edge. Applejack insists on one last event to decide the winner, the "Running of the Leaves" marathon, with the stipulation that Rainbow keep her wings tied down. At the marathon, Twilight decides to participate despite her lack of athleticism. As the race starts, Applejack and Rainbow Dash take an early lead, and try to trick each other to keep their lead. As they near the end, they start to get more physical, and end up fighting across the finish line. To their surprise, they come in dead last in the race while Twilight beats them in fifth place using her slow-and-steady pace. The two realize their feuding is futile, so they accept their defeat and agree to keep to more friendly competitions.
"Suited For Sucess" February 4, 2011 114 14 14
When Twilight brings an old dress to Rarity to repair for the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity insists on making her and her friends new dresses. Rarity's designs for her dresses do not go over well with her friends, so she agrees to remake the dresses with their input. She soon finds that her friends' demands are excessive and outlandish, but she does not question them. She is later shocked to learn that Spike has arranged for the famous fashion designer Hoity Toity to come see the new dresses. As the show proceeds, Hoity Toity and the audience are disgusted by Rarity's over-the-top dresses, and Rarity believes her career is ruined. Feeling guilty, Rarity's friends complete her own Gala dress following her designs as an apology, and convince Hoity Toity to attend a second show using the original dresses, impressing him.
"Feeling Pinkie Keen" February 11, 2011 115 15 15
Twilight learns that the rest of town believes that Pinkie Pie has a "Pinkie Sense", in which her body reacts in different ways as warnings to certain events. Twilight insists that this cannot be possible and attempts to understand how the Pinkie Sense works, though she ends up in a number of pratfalls from this. When Pinkie asserts that there is a "doozy" of an event in the nearby bog where Fluttershy is, Twilight, Spike, Pinkie, and Applejack take off to save Fluttershy. They find Fluttershy safe, but are soon chased by a hydra. They all escape safely, but Pinkie asserts that her sense is still going off and the "doozy" has yet to happen. Enraged, Twilight finally relents and gives up on trying to understand the Pinkie Sense; Pinkie's Sense disappears, and Pinkie asserts that Twilight's revelation was the "doozy". Twilight accepts that the Pinkie Sense is real, and that she should stop worrying about its origins.
"Sonic Rainboom" February 18, 2011 116 16 16
Rainbow Dash is set to perform in the Young Flyers Competition in Cloudsdale, planning to perform a "Sonic Rainboom" (a mix of a sonic boom and rainbow effect) to win it. Fluttershy confides with her friends Rainbow has only been able to pull off the Sonic Rainboom once before, and that Rainbow is nervous about her performance. Determined to attend the competition and support Rainbow, Rarity receives wings through a difficult spell courtesy of Twilight, while an easier spell allows the others to walk on clouds. In Cloudsdale, Rarity finds the pegasi enchanted by her wings and, spurred by a comment, enters the competition herself. At the competition, Rainbow blunders the early stages before preparing for the Sonic Rainboom, while Rarity stuns the audience by flying high into the sky and showing off her wings. However, Rarity's wings disintegrate in the sunlight, causing her to plummet to the ground; the Wonderbolts in attendance try to save her, but she knocks them out with her floundering. Rainbow sees Rarity in trouble and dives to the ground, pulling off the Sonic Rainboom and saving Rarity and the Wonderbolts in time. Rainbow safely returns them all to Cloudsdale, where she is cheered on and named by Princess Celestia as the champion of the competition.
"Stare Master" February 25, 2011 117 17 17
With Rarity engrossed in work, Fluttershy offers to watch over the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the night. She finds the fillies to be rambunctious and hard to control. At night, the Crusaders find that one of Fluttershy's chickens has escaped into the Everfree Forest, and they go out to retrieve it. Fluttershy soon discovers them missing and follows the hoofprints of the Crusaders. She eventually comes across the petrified form of Twilight Sparkle and her chicken, and realizes that a cockatrice is around. She finds the fillies and warns them of the danger, but they soon come face-to-face with the cockatrice. As the cockatrice starts to turn Fluttershy to stone, she gives it an intense stare and demands that it reverse its spell. The cockatrice eventually relents, negating the petrification of her, Twilight, and the chicken, and disappears; the Crusaders cheer for Fluttershy and call her the "Stare Master". The next morning, Rarity comes to retrieve the Crusaders, and is surprised that they quickly fall in line with a simple request from Fluttershy.
"The Show Stoppers" March 4, 2011 118 18 18
Applejack donates her old clubhouse to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. From there, the Crusaders start to try to find ways to get their cutie marks, but each time ends in comical failure. Twilight and Cheerilee suggest the three enter the school's talent competition. The Crusaders agree to perform a musical number, but each wanting to do something that they are not skilled in: Apple Bloom wanting to dance, Sweetie Belle wanting to do the props and costumes, and Scootaloo wanting to write and sing. At the show, they blunder disastrously through the song, confusing the crowd. To their surprise, they win the prize for best comedy act; despite this, they still do not earn their cutie marks.
"A Dog and Pony Show" March 11, 2011 119 19 19
Rarity enlists Spike to help recover gems for a large order of dresses. As they work, Rarity is abducted by Diamond Dogs, who want her to dowse for gems in their caves. Spike races back to get the others to help rescue Rarity. Meanwhile, Rarity is able to use her wiles to trick the Dogs into treating her in a royal manner. By the time Spike and others find Rarity, the dogs are willing to let Rarity leave with large quantities of gems, not wanting to suffer under her anymore. The others help pull the gems back to Ponyville, while Rarity comments that one does not always need strength to win over one's enemies.
"Green Isn't Your Color" March 18, 2011 120 20 20
The famous fashion photographer Photo Finish comes to Ponyville to see Rarity's dresses that she has made for the Gala. Rarity begs for Fluttershy to help model the fashions; despite her dislike of attention, Fluttershy agrees. Photo Finish is more taken by Fluttershy's shyness than Rarity's dresses, and declares Fluttershy to be an ideal model, leading her to stardom. Twilight becomes privy to Fluttershy's fear of disappointing Rarity and Rarity's jealousy of Fluttershy's success, but Pinkie warns her that telling these secrets to others can ruin her friendships, and Twilight frets over how to correct the situation. Eventually, Fluttershy and Rarity admit their secrets to each other, relieved that they agree, and Fluttershy gives up her modeling career.
"Over a Barrel" March 25, 2011 121 21 21
Applejack and her friends deliver an apple tree to the foundling frontier town of Appleloosa. They find that the ponies of the town are in conflict with a nearby buffalo tribe, who have previously used the land set aside for the apple trees as a running ground for them. Twilight and her friends work to establish peace between the two sides, but Pinkie Pie's song, performed at an inappropriate time, leads the two sides to declare war on each other. The buffalo charge at the town, who fire on the buffalo with apple pies. When the buffalo chieftain is hit with a pie, he discovers the pie is tasty and quickly puts an end to the battle. The two groups agree to an amicable solution: the ponies leave a trail for the buffalo to run through the apple grove, while the buffalo get to enjoy apple pies made from the fruits.
"A Bird in the Hoof" April 8, 2011 122 22 22
Princess Celestia visits Ponyville along with her seemingly sick pet bird, Philomena. Fluttershy, worried about the bird's health, secretly takes Philomena to her cottage and tries to help her, but everything she does seems to worsen the bird's condition. When Twilight discovers this, she gets involved in helping cure Philomena, and learns that the Princess's guards are looking for it. Eventually Philomena escapes, leading Twilight and Fluttershy on a chase through town. The chase ends when Philomena falls from the top of a statue, bursting into flames and falling as a pile of ash into Fluttershy's hooves just as the Princess arrives. Fluttershy profusely apologizes, ready to take any punishment, before the Princess reveals that Philomena is a phoenix. Philomena rises from the ashes as a powerful bird, and at Princess Celestia's insistence, apologizes to Fluttershy for having fun with her.
"The Cutie Mark Chronicles" April 15, 2011 123 23 23
Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle, believing they can determine how to get their cutie marks by learning how the older ponies in town got them, seek out and learn how Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle earned their cutie marks. The six friends realize that Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom triggered events by which each of them earned their cutie marks, and realize they are closer than they originally thought.
"Owl's Well That Ends Well" April 22, 2011 124 24 24
Twilight realizes that Spike, being a baby dragon, is unable to stay awake to help her with her astronomy studies, but finds help with a new pet owl, Owlowiscious. Spike becomes jealous of Owlowiscious, thinking the owl wants to replace him as Twilight's assistant. Later, Twilight finds a book damaged by Spike's fire breath and scolds him for hiding it from her, and later still expresses disappointment when he tries to frame Owlowiscious for killing a mouse. Convinced Twilight no longer wants him, Spike runs away from home and finds a cave full of gems. He realizes too late that the cave belongs to an adult dragon, but Twilight and Owlowiscious soon arrive and save him. Twilight admits to Spike that she only needs Owlowiscious for additional help at night, and the two reconcile while Spike makes friends with Owlowiscious.
"Party of One" April 29, 2011 125 25 25
After inviting her friends to and throwing a birthday party for her pet alligator Gummy, Pinkie decides to throw a day-after party to continue the celebrations. She finds that her friends all seem to be busy. Suspicious of their behavior, Pinkie follows her friends and discovers that they are actively avoiding and hiding something from her in Applejack's barn. Pinkie becomes depressed, thinking the five no longer consider her a friend. She throws her own party using inanimate objects when Rainbow Dash retrieves her and brings her to a party at the barn. Pinkie thinks her friends are throwing a party to get rid of her, only to realize it is actually her own birthday party, which she had forgotten. Pinkie quickly becomes elated and joins the celebration with her friends.
"The Best Night Ever" May 6, 2011 126 26 26
The night of the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot has finally arrived. At the Gala, Twilight and her friends quickly separate to enjoy the Gala in their own ways, but each soon finds their experience fall well short of their expectations. As events mount, the friends' actions lead to a mass of chaos in the grand ballroom. They regroup later at a donut shop and express their disappointment with the night's events, but are soon joined by Princess Celestia, who explains that she had invited Twilight and her friends to liven up the normally boring Gala, and is happy with what happened. Everyone agrees the night to be the "best night ever".

Season 2Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
"The Return of Harmony - Part 1" September 17, 2011 201 1 27
The spirit of disharmony and chaos, Discord, has escaped, and Princess Celestia summons Twilight and her friends to use the Elements to capture him. They find the Elements missing, and Discord teases them with a riddle. Twilight, believing the Elements to be at the center of the Canterlot garden hedge maze, leads her friends there, but Discord continues to manipulate them, separating them in the maze and brainwashing all but Twilight into polar opposites of their usual selves, with Rainbow Dash flying away in the belief that Cloudsdale is in trouble. Discord gloats that he has bested Twilight and promises to spread chaos across all of Equestria.
"The Return of Harmony - Part 2" September 24, 2011 202 2 28
Twilight leads her friends to a chaos-affected Ponyville. She recognizes the true answer to Discord's riddle and finds the Elements in the library. However, without Rainbow Dash, they fail to work, and Twilight is finally broken by Discord's spell. However, as she packs to return to Canterlot, Spike coughs up letters from Princess Celestia, all being Twilight's old friendship reports. Twilight's lifted spirits break the spell, and she uses it to return her friends to normal, including Rainbow Dash. The six successfully return Discord to his stone prison using the Elements and are welcomed as heroes.
"Lesson Zero" October 15, 2011 203 3 29
Twilight Sparkle realizes she has until sunset to write her weekly friendship report to Princess Celestia or else she will face a terrible punishment. Spike and her friends try to talk her down from her fears, but she refuses to listen, and to make matters worse, Twilight ends up going crazy. Without finding anyone in town with a friendship problem, she decides to cause one herself, using an old doll infused with a spell to make the Cutie Mark Crusaders fight over it so that she can break up the fight. However, the fight gets out of control, and the influence of the doll spreads across town. As the sun sets, Princess Celestia arrives to reverse the spell. Fearing the worst, Twilight is relieved when princess says that she would not have punished her in any way, and decrees that Twilight, or any of her friends, only have to send friendship reports when they have something to write about.
"Luna Eclipsed" October 22, 2011 204 4 30
Princess Luna, who had been saved by Twilight Sparkle and her friends from her evil alter persona, Nightmare Moon, decides to visits Ponyville on the festival of Nightmare Night (the Equestrian equivalent of Halloween), which centers around Nightmare Moon. The residents all panic at her appearance and outdated mannerisms, but Twilight helps her to acclimate her to the festival. Despite this, Pinkie Pie and several children still run away at her approach, angering her and provoking her to threaten to cancel the celebration. Twilight learns from Pinkie that she is just having fun being scared. Twilight uses this to show Princess Luna that the children love her but want to have fun being scared on that night. Profoundly heartened by this revelation, Princess Luna happily joins in the rest of the festival.
"Sisterhooves Social" November 5, 2011 205 5 31
Sweetie Belle is staying with Rarity while their parents are on vacation. Not used to Rarity's work, Sweetie Belle gets in the way and ruins Rarity's efforts. When Apple Bloom tells Sweetie Belle about the upcoming Sisterhooves Social race, Sweetie Belle tries to get Rarity to participate, but her sister refuses. Sweetie Belle declares that Rarity is no longer her sister, and goes to stay with Apple Bloom and her older sister Applejack, considering Applejack to be her new sister. Rarity realizes she has only been thinking of herself the last few days and works out a plan with Applejack and Apple Bloom for the Social. At the race, Rarity switches places with Applejack using a mud pit. When Sweetie Belle finds out that Rarity actually raced with her, she is overjoyed and the two make amends.
"The Cutie Pox" November 12, 2011 206 6 32
When visiting Zecora's hut to receive medicine for her chipped tooth, Apple Bloom finds a "Heart's Desire" flower which can make "talent come into view". While Apple Bloom believes it could help her finally discover her special talent, she instead becomes afflicted with the "Cutie Pox", which causes various Cutie Marks to appear on her body, and forcing her to continually perform the talents they represent. Zecora arrives to find where her Heart's Desire went, and on seeing Apple Bloom, provides her with the cure after Apple Bloom admits to taking the flower. Apple Bloom apologizes and realizes she cannot rush finding her talent.
"May the Best Pet Win!" November 19, 2011 207 7 33
After seeing the rest of her friends out in the park on a playdate with their pets, Rainbow Dash (with the help of Fluttershy) tries to find herself an animal to be her pet using a series of contests. However, Fluttershy insists that a tortoise compete in the competition as well. After a series of events, Rainbow Dash challenges the four flying finalists to a race through Ghastly Gorge, the one crossing the finish line with her to be her new pet. In the race, Rainbow Dash's wing is caught under a rock, but the tortoise, who had continued to race, arrives to help free and take her to the finish line. Rainbow Dash is proud to call the tortoise her new pet and names him "Tank" due to his tenacity.
"The Mysterious Do Well" November 26, 2011 208 8 34
Rainbow Dash's flying abilities make her a hero around Ponyville, but she lets the publicity go to her head, and her friends are concerned. Later, Rainbow Dash finds she is being upstaged by a masked hero, Mare Do Well, who appears to be a winged unicorn. Angered by the competition, Rainbow Dash chases Mare Do Well only to discover that all of her friends had a role in playing Mare Do Well. They had worked out this plan to help show Rainbow Dash the dangers of letting praise go to one's head, and she thanks them for revealing her folly.
"Sweet and Elite" December 3, 2011 209 9 35
Rarity is in Canterlot to design a dress for Twilight's upcoming birthday. When members of the elite class snub her Ponyville background, she is convinced that she can demonstrate high fashion. She runs into another upper-class unicorn, Fancypants, who is more curious to her background, and invites her to a high class event. This soon builds to many more invitations to other fancy events for Rarity, leaving her torn between attending the events or finishing the half-completed dress. She decides to stay in Canterlot to mingle with the upper class and is surprised when Twilight and her friends arrive, having moved the birthday party to Canterlot. At Twilight's party, Rarity attempts to sneak out to a fancy garden party next door, but when her friends discover this, they decide to join the party as well. The upper class is initially shocked at their behavior, but Rarity stands up for her Ponyville friends. Fancypants finds her friends "curiously rustic" and compliments Rarity on Twilight's simple dress, assuring her more orders from the other upper class.
"Secret of My Excess" December 10, 2011 210 10 36
Spike celebrates his first birthday in Ponyville, and is surprised at the number of gifts he has gotten from his new friends. However, this triggers a hoarding instinct in him, and the next day, Twilight is shocked to find he has grown larger. Twilight learns that as a dragon becomes more greedy, he will grow to larger and larger sizes. Spike's greed soon runs out of control, and as a giant dragon, he kidnaps Rarity and climbs a nearby mountain. When Spike sees Rarity wearing a fire ruby gemstone, he remembers when he had willingly given it to Rarity before his birthday. The generous thoughts reverse his growth, returning him to normal. Despite the damage his rampage had done to Ponyville, Rarity still thinks Spike is the most generous dragon she knows.
"Hearth's Warming Eve" December 17, 2011 211 11 37
Twilight and her friends are asked to be the principal actors in a holiday play on the origins of Hearth's Warming Eve (the Equestrian equivalent of Christmas). The play shows that before Princess Celestia's rule, the three races of ponies did not live in harmony. When a severe winter ruined most of the food, the three leaders and their assistants set off to find a new land untouched by winter. By chance, they all come to the same spot, and the leaders start bickering again. The hostility feeds the ghostly Windegos, the creatures responsible for the winter, causing the land and the leaders to freeze over. The assistants find that they share a common bond, and their friendship creates a great fire that dispells the Windegos and thaws out the land and their leaders. Putting their differences aside, the group names the new land Equestria and work together to make it thrive.
"Family Appreciation Day" January 7, 2012 212 12 38
Apple Bloom is scheduled to bring a family member to school for "Family Appreciation Day", but with the lucrative Zap Apple harvest nearing, only Granny Smith is available, and Apple Bloom worries that she will be embarrassed by Granny's antics in front of her class, particularly Diamond Tiara. She, along with the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, try a number of tactics to stall Granny, but to no avail. To their surprise, Granny Smith recounts how she, as a filly, had discovered the Zap Apple trees and their unusual magic properties, leading to the formation of Ponyville. The rest of the class is awed by the story, and when Diamond Tiara tries to dismiss it, Apple Bloom stands up for Granny Smith. In the end, Apple Bloom has a new appreciation of her grandmother's eccentric ways while Diamond Tiara is forced to participate by her father as punishment for insulting Granny Smith, his most important produce supplier.
"Baby Cakes" January 14, 2012 213 13 39
The Cakes have a pair of twins: Pound Cake (a pegasus) and Pumpkin Cake (a unicorn). A month after their birth, the Cakes are forced to ask Pinkie Pie to babysit the pair while they cater an event. Pinkie, initially elated to be able to play with the babies, finds they are much more difficult to tend to, but refuses to accept Twilight's help believing that she can show responsibility. However, when the twins later exhibit their flying and magic abilities, Pinkie can no longer control them and breaks down in tears. The twins realize their mistake and cheer Pinkie up. The Cakes return to find everything is fine, and offer Pinkie to be their go-to babysitter in the future, which Pinkie accepts after hearing the twins say her name.
"The Last Roundup" January 21, 2012 214 14 40
Applejack is going to the Equestria rodeo and plans on donating her winnings to repair the town hall. However, when she doesn't return and only sends a note that she will be back later, Twilight and her friends go off to locate her, finding her working on a cherry farm in Dodge Junction. Applejack refuses to answer their questions of why she did not return, but after suffering from Pinkie's hyperactivity, she agrees to tell them the next day. That morning, they find Applejack is trying to escape. After a chase, they catch up with her to discover that while she had won events at the rodeo, none of her wins were first place, and she instead hoped to earn money as she had no prize money to return with. Her friends assure that they would rather have her back home than a fixed town hall, and Applejack happily returns to Ponyville.
"The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" January 28, 2012 215 15 41
Cider season has arrived, but the Apples cannot make apple cider fast enough by traditional methods to satisfy everyone. The Flim Flam Brothers arrive with their "Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", claiming they can make as good a cider in a faster time. When the Apples refuse to accept a lopsided partnership, Flim and Flam instead challenge them to a cider making contest for rights to sell cider to Ponyville. The contest starts with the brothers in a strong lead, but Applejack's friends offer their help to speed up production. With their lead quickly diminishing, Flim and Flam speed up their machine, disabling the quality control. The brothers ultimately win the contest with the most barrels of cider, but the cider is undrinkable and they quickly flee town. With all of their cider made in the contest, the Apples celebrate with everyone else in town.
"Read It and Weep" February 4, 2012 216 16 42
Rainbow Dash ends up in the hospital with a broken wing. Twilight offers her a book from the Daring Do novels, but Rainbow Dash refuses, considering reading to be an "egghead" hobby. However, boredom eventually overcomes her, and she starts reading, soon becoming engrossed in the adventure story. Just as she nears the conclusion, she is discharged from the hospital. Worried about revealing her reading to anyone else, she tries to sneak into the hospital to get the book, but ends up being chased around town at night, waking up her friends. Rainbow Dash admits to enjoying the book, and Twilight is only happy to share her copies with her.
"Hearts and Hooves Day" February 11, 2012 217 17 43
After their consideration, the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt to create a relationship between their schoolteacher Cheerilee and Apple Bloom's older brother Big Macintosh, for Hearts and Hooves Day (the Equestrian equivalent of Valentine's Day) with a love potion. However, they discover too late that the recipe is for a love poison, making the two unable to do anything else beyond thinking about the other. The Crusaders barely manage to keep the two out of eyesight of each other for an hour, breaking the spell. They apologize to Cheerilee and Big Macintosh, and as punishment, take up Big Macintosh's chores for a week.
"A Friend in Deed" February 18, 2012 218 18 44
Pinkie Pie tries to become friends with new Ponyville resident Cranky Doodle Donkey. However, the donkey absolutely refuses to become friends with her, no matter how hard Pinkie Pie tries. When Pinkie accidentally sets fire to a scrapbook, Cranky demands she leave him alone, and refuses to accept her apology. However, his outcries and the scrapbook give Pinkie an idea, and she is able to reunite Cranky with Matilda, another donkey that lived in town. Cranky is amazed to see his love, having lost track of her after a Grand Galloping Gala years ago, and happily thanks Pinkie and calls her his friend, to Pinkie's elation.
"Putting Your Hoof Down" March 3, 2012 219 19 45
Fluttershy is told by Pinkie and Rarity that she is too much of a doormat, letting others take advantage of her. She attends a self-help seminar by a minotaur named Iron Will where she learns to become more assertive in her actions, but these lessons change Fluttershy's personality dramatically beyond recognition. When Pinkie and Rarity try to convince her to be less assertive, she insults them, making them run off in tears. Fluttershy realizes that she has turned into a monster, and hides in her cottage. When Iron Will comes around to collect payment on the seminar, Pinkie and Rarity try to stop him, fearing that Fluttershy will crumble at his demand. Instead, to their surprise, Fluttershy explains she is not satisfied with Iron Will's course, and refuses to pay as per his guarantee. Iron Will is stunned but accepts this reason, and Pinkie and Rarity praise Fluttershy for being herself.
"It's About Time" March 10, 2012 220 20 46
Twilight Sparkle is briefly visited by her bedraggled future self to warn her about something that would happen next Tuesday morning, but her interruptions prevent her future self from explaining what to be prepared for before she disappears. Twilight fears the worst and tries to take steps to prevent it. However, while nothing bad happens, Twilight suffers minor injuries that mirror her future self's look. Convinced the only way to prevent the disaster is to stop time, she, Pinkie, and Spike go to the Canterlot library to look for time-stopping spells. When Tuesday morning arrives, nothing happens, and Twilight realizes she was worried for nothing. However, using a time travel spell Pinkie found, Twilight travels back a week to explain this to her past self, realizing too late that she completed the time loop.
"Dragon Quest" March 17, 2012 221 21 47
After observing the Great Dragon Migration with his pony friends, Spike starts to question his dragon roots and wonder about his true identity. He sets out to join the dragon migration on a quest of self discovery, but Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash know he will need help and tail him in a hastily made dragon costume. At a volcano, Spike joins other teenage dragons, who challenge him to prove he is a dragon. With some help from the ponies, Spike shows off his worth. Later, the dragons attempt to raid a nest of phoenix eggs, using Spike to lure the phoenixes away. Spike returns to find an unhatched egg remaining but refuses to smash it. The ponies reveal themselves, and help to rescue Spike and the egg. Later in Ponyville, Spike hatches the egg, naming the new phoenix chick "Peewee" and promising to take good care of it.
"Hurricane Fluttershy" March 24, 2012 222 22 48
Ponyville's pegasi are challenged to create a tornado to move water from their reservoir to Cloudsdale for the cloud-making machine. Rainbow Dash wants all the pegasi to improve their speed to beat the record, but finds that Fluttershy suffers from public anxiety from her time at flight school. Fluttershy tries to train on her own with her animal friends, and while she does improve, her performance is far worse than the other pegasi, and runs off. On the day of the attempt, a number of pegasi have come down with a flu, and they barely have enough to assure that the tornado can be made successfully. After a botched first attempt, their second tornado falls just short of the necessary speed. Twilight convinces Fluttershy to try to help. Fluttershy is able to dispel her fears long enough to give enough speed to complete the tornado. Rainbow Dash and the other pegasi cheer Fluttershy on as their hero.
"Ponyville Confidential" March 31, 2012 223 23 49
The Cutie Mark Crusaders join the school newspaper in their attempts to earn their cutie mark. Diamond Tiara, the paper's editor, wants the paper to be more exciting and has the Crusaders write a gossip column under the pen name "Gabby Gums". The columns become a huge success, but Diamond Tiara makes the Crusaders conjure untruths and expose other ponies' embarrassing secrets. Rarity soon finds the truth behind Gabby Gums, and convinces Sweetie Belle to stop. Diamond Tiara, however, coerces them by threatning to publish humiliating photos of them if they fail to find another story, which proves to be a challenge when all the town's residents, including their own friends and relatives have heard of their identity and they act hostile towards them. While sulking in their treehouse, they come up with a plan and write an apology letter to the town, slipping it under Diamond Tiara's nose to publish at the deadline. The townsfolk accept their apology, while Diamond Tiara is demoted as editor.
"MMMystery on the Friendship Express" April 7, 2012 224 24 50
Pinkie is in charge of guarding the Cakes' dessert for a competition in Canterlot. She and her friends share the train with three rival bakers who have brought their own entries. Overnight, the Cakes' dessert is partially eaten. Pinkie immediately accuses the other bakers, but Twilight instead shows her how to investigate, and finds clues that point to their friends, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity, each admitting to taking a taste. The other bakers' desserts are similarly eaten, but Pinkie, using Twilight's advice, deduces the bakers had eaten each others' desserts after hearing Pinkie's delicious descriptions of them. The collected group use the remains of the desserts to create a single entry that wins the competition.
"A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1" April 21, 2012 225 25 51
The ponies are summoned to plan a wedding for Shining Armor, Twilight's older brother and captain of the royal guard at Canterlot, and Princess Cadance, her childhood friend. Twilight becomes suspicious of Cadance when the princess fails to remember her, and even more so when Cadance continually puts down all of her friends. When her friends refuse to listen to Twilight's accusations, Twilight attempts to warn Shining Armor, only to witness Cadance place a seemingly evil spell on him. Twilight accosts Cadance at the wedding rehearsal, causing her to break down in tears. Shining Armor, furious at Twilight, dismisses her from being his best-mare and bans her from the wedding. Twilight's friends, and Princess Celestia, also angry at Twilight, abandon her to go check on Cadance. When Twilight tries to apologize, Cadance uses a magic spell that teleports her underground, leaving with a malicious grin.
"A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2" April 21, 2012 226 26 52
After being trapped in an underground cavern, Twilight encounters another Princess Cadance, and learns that the princess who Shining Armor is about to marry is actually an impostor. Twilight and the real Cadance escape in time to stop the wedding, where Cadance exposes the impostor as Queen Chrysalis, the shapeshifting leader of the changelings. Chrysalis reveals her plan to invade Canterlot, having taken over Shining Armor's mind and weakened his magic shield that protects the city. She is able to defeat Princess Celestia, and her horde of changelings prevent Twilight and her friends from retrieving the Elements of Harmony to stop her. As Chrysalis revels in her victory, Twilight frees Cadance, who subsequently breaks the spell the queen has on Shining Armor. Together, Shining Armor and Cadance use their magic to conjure a new shield that repels the queen and her minions. Twilight is congratulated for trusting her instincts, and the wedding goes on as scheduled.

Season 3Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
"The Crystal Empire - Part 1" November 10, 2012 301 1 53
Princess Celestia learns of the reappearance of the Crystal Empire, which had disappeared over a thousand years ago as the last act of the evil King Sombra prior to his banishment; Celestia fears Sombra will return and use the power of the Empire to take over Equestia. She summons Twilight Sparkle and directs her to join her friends, Princess Cadance, and Shining Armor at the Empire to help protect it as a test of her abilities. At the Empire, Cadance attempts to maintain a spell to prevent the shadowy form of King Sombra from entering. Twilight and her friends talk with the brainwashed residents of the Empire, and learn of a Crystal Fair which used to enlighten the hearts of the Empire and protect it from the king. Only too late does Twilight realize that the missing Crystal Heart is the centrepiece of the fair and a necessary artifact to protect the city.
"The Crystal Empire - Part 2" November 10, 2012 302 2 54
With Cadance's magic weakening, Twilight instructs her friends to continue the fair to raise the spirits of the Crystal Ponies, while she goes to look for the Crystal Heart herself, assured this is the test Princess Celestia alluded to; however, she allows Spike to come long. The pair pass several traps King Sombra had placed in the castle and eventually come to the Crystal Heart, just as Cadance's magic gives out and King Sombra races to reclaim the Empire. Twilight tries to get the Heart but becomes trapped; believing this would fail Celestia's test, she tells Spike to take the Heart. On his way down, Spike falls, but he and the Heart are saved at the last moment by Cadance and Shining Armor. The Crystal Ponies pour their emotions into the Heart, recreating the protective spell on the Empire and vaporizing King Sombra. Twilight is reluctant to return to Celestia, but the Princess tells her that she has passed, knowing when to give up her personal goals for the greater good.
"Too Many Pinkie Pies" November 17, 2012 303 3 55
Pinkie Pie is torn between spending fun time with all her friends, leading her to locate the Mirror Pond, which allows her to make a clone of herself. When she finds herself further conflicted over which friends to spend time with, she and her clone return to the pond and reiterate the process, but the clones begin to clone themselves further. The mass number of Pinkies, intent on only having fun, overwhelm Ponyville, and Pinkie becomes depressed that her friends cannot figure out who the real Pinkie is. Twilight Sparkle puts the clones to a test of watching paint dry, zapping away those that lose attention, and assuring that the last remaining Pinkie is the real one.
"One Bad Apple" November 24, 2012 304 4 56
Apple Bloom's cousin Babs Seed visits Ponyville. Though Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo try to welcome her into the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Babs instead joins with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in teasing and hounding the Crusaders. The Crusaders try to get back at her by booby-trapping a parade float that they trick Babs into driving, but learn at the last moment from Applejack that the reason Babs is visiting is that she herself was bullied by others back in Manehattan. The Crusaders save Babs, and together apologize for their actions. Babs joins the Crusaders and defends her new friends from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon at the train station before returning home.
"Magic Duel" December 1, 2012 305 5 57
Looking for revenge from being shown off during her last visit to Ponyville, the "Great and Powerful" Trixie acquires the magical Alicorn Amulet that gives her great power, and subsequently outdoes Twilight Sparkle, evicting her from town. Twilight's friends discover that the amulet also corrupts its user and that only the user can remove it, and send word to Twilight. Twilight secretly arranges with Zecora and her friends to perform simple illusions disguised as more powerful magic with a fake charm, making Trixie take off the amulet willingly to try the charm, breaking its spell on her. Once it is secured, Trixie apologizes for her behavior.
"Sleepless in Ponyville" December 8, 2012 306 6 58
Scootaloo joins her friends Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle and their sisters Applejack and Rarity on a camping trip, hoping to show off her skills to her idol, Rainbow Dash. After a night of telling scary tales by a campfire, Scootaloo has nightmares, but refuses to let anyone else know, worried this will ruin her image with Rainbow Dash. During another nightmare, she encounters Princess Luna, who tells her that her fears are not that of the scary stories but of disappointing Rainbow Dash, and she should face that fear. After Rainbow Dash saves her from falling over a waterfall, Scootaloo tells Rainbow Dash that she was scared and did not want to disappoint Rainbow. To her surprise, Rainbow Dash admits that she used to be scared as a young filly, and offers to take Scootaloo under her wing.
"Wonderbolts Academy" December 15, 2012 307 7 59
Rainbow Dash is accepted into the Wonderbolt Academy, led by Spitfire, and quickly becomes friends with Lightning Dust, another pegasus who is as fast and skilled as her, but is more rambunctious. Rainbow Dash is surprised to find she is assigned as "wingpony" to Lightning Dust and becomes concerned when her aggressive approach endangers the other cadets. When Lightning Dust decides to create a tornado during a cloud-clearing exercise, the tornado threatens to harm Rainbow's friends, who have come by to give her a care package. Though everyone is safe in the end, Rainbow decides to quit the Wonderbolts, finding the organization's apparent approval of such reckless behavior morally abhorrent. However, Spitfire reveals that she agrees with her and persuades Rainbow to withdraw her resignation with a promotion to cadet team leader, stripping Lightning Dust of her rank.
"Apple Family Reunion" December 22, 2012 308 8 60
The Apple family reunion is approaching, and Applejack offers to take over the event's organization from Granny Smith after going through photos of past reunions. Though Applejack's planned activities are in the spirit of the reunion, the events are long and rigorous, leaving all the guests exhausted. When a wild hay ride destroys a barn, Applejack realizes that she has focused too hard on the event planning and not on the real purpose of the reunion: to be with friends and family. She gets an idea and has everyone join in to help rebuild the barn, which everyone is happy to help contribute to, thus making the reconstruction a memorable event of the reunion.
"Spike at Your Service" December 29, 2012 309 9 61
When Applejack saves Spike from a timberwolf attack in the Everfree Forest, he insists on helping her around the farm in order to repay the life debt he feels he owes her. His efforts only make trouble for her and the other ponies, and they set up a fake timberwolf attack for Spike so that he can save Applejack from, thus making him feel satisfied with his debt. Their ruse draws a pack of real timberwolves, which Applejack easily crushes, but the pieces form into a single giant beast and she gets caught in a rockslide. Spike causes the timberwolf to fall apart by throwing a rock down its throat, and frees Applejack. The two decide not to worry about repaying favors done for each other in the future.
"Keep Calm and Flutter On" January 19, 2013 310 10 62
Princess Celestia tasks the ponies with reforming the mischievous spirit Discord, believing Fluttershy will know how to do it best. While her friends are incredulous that Discord can be reformed, Fluttershy remains steadfast and tries to be Discord's friend. When the others find that Discord has created mischief behind their backs, they demand Fluttershy use her Element of Harmony to return him to stone, but Fluttershy stands firm, and promises not to use her Element against him as a sign of their newfound friendship. But when Discord's actions get out of hand, she angrily walks away, still refusing to use her Element against him, but also ending her friendship with him. Never having had a friend before in his life, Discord is stricken by genuine sorrow as he realizes that he truly does value Fluttershy's friendship and does not want to lose it. With this revelation, Discord reverts his chaos and voluntarily offers to use his magic mostly for good.
"Just for Sidekicks" January 26, 2012 311 11 63
Occurring in the same storyline as "Games Ponies Play", Spike runs out of gems to use for baking a cake, and comes up with the idea to offer to pet-sit for Twilight and her friends while they are off to the Crystal Empire in exchange for gems. Spike finds the task much more daunting than expected and has no time to make the gems into a cake, and ends up spending his gems to try to restrain the pets. Ultimately, he, the pets, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders end up on a train to the Crystal Empire, and Spike fears being shown a fraud when he admits to the pets that he put himself over their needs. The pets cooperate, and stay quiet until the train returns to Ponyville, where Spike happily returns the pets to their owners. However, he absentmindedly eats the last gem before using it for his cake.
"Games Ponies Play" February 9, 2013 312 12 64
Occurring in the same storyline as "Just for Sidekicks", Princess Cadance asks Twilight Sparkle and her friends to help prepare the Crystal Empire for the arrival of the games inspector Ms. Harshwhinny, hoping to have the city host the next Equestria Games. With the inspector due to arrive earlier than expected, Cadance must spend time preparing herself styling her ceremonial headdress with Rarity's help, and asks the other five to greet and give a tour to the inspector. Twilight and her friends mistake a tourist as the inspector and give her a grand tour, while the real Harshwhinny finds herself subject to a number of accidental missteps. By the time Twilight realizes their error, Harshwhinny has met with the tourist and learns of how great a time she had, and despite her own misfortunes, announces the Crystal Empire as the next host city.
"Magical Mystery Cure" February 9, 2013 313 13 65
Princess Celestia gives Twilight Sparkle the notebook of Star Swirl the Bearded, which contains a final, unfinished spell that she thinks Twilight can complete. When Twilight evokes it, it causes her friends—through the Elements of Harmony—to have their cutie marks and respective destinies switched, resulting in disasters around Ponyville. Twilight finds a means to convince each of her friends of their proper place with the aid of the Elements, restoring her friends to normal, and is able to complete Star Swirl's spell, accounting for her friendships. When she does so, Twilight is teleported by the Elements to an ethereal place, where Princess Celestia congratulates her on completing her journey, and helps her transform into an alicorn and crowns her as a new princess. Twilight's ascension is celebrated by her friends and across Equestria.

Season 4Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
"Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1" November 23, 2013 401 1 66
Twilight Sparkle struggles to adjust to her new wings and duties as a princess while she prepares for the Summer Sun Celebration away from her friends. Shortly after consoling Twilight that night, Princess Celestia is attacked by a black vine. Twilight awakens the next morning to find that Celestia and Luna have disappeared, leaving the sun and moon hanging in the sky, now split between day and night. In addition, the castle guards inform her of an overgrowth of black plants from the Everfree Forest near Ponyville. Returning to Ponyville to gather the Elements of Harmony, Twilight and her friends suspect Discord is responsible and summon him for answers, but he professes innocence. The ponies consult Zecora who, having abandoned the forest, gives Twilight a potion she says will help her learn what is causing the havoc. After drinking the potion, Twilight finds herself in an unfamiliar castle with Princess Luna, who transforms into Nightmare Moon.
"Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2" November 23, 2013 402 2 67
Twilight realizes that Luna's transformation is a vision of the past caused by Zecora's potion. Further flashbacks allow her to witness Celestia and Luna's discovery of the Elements of Harmony at the mystical Tree of Harmony in the Everfree Forest. Twilight and her friends enter the forest with the Elements, believing the tree to be in danger. Twilight is soon sent away by her friends as they grow concerned for her safety, but rejoins them after Discord mocks her for putting herself before her friends. Finding the tree entangled by evil vines, Twilight deduces that it needs the Elements to survive and returns them to the tree, dispelling the plants and freeing the princesses. The tree then sprouts a flower containing a chest with six keyholes, mystifying the ponies. Back in Ponyville, Discord admits to sowing the evil plants centuries in the past in a failed plot to plunder the Tree of Harmony's magic, claiming to have deliberately withheld this so as to help Twilight learn a lesson on princesshood. The Summer Sun Celebration then commences, with Twilight participating before her cheering friends.
"Castle Mane-ia" November 30, 2013 403 3 68
Twilight goes to Celestia and Luna's old castle to research the chest from the Tree of Harmony, finding a diary kept by the sisters that explains the workings of the castle. Meanwhile, Applejack and Rainbow Dash challenge each other to stay the night in the castle, which they believe is haunted by the Pony of Shadows, while Rarity takes Fluttershy along to the castle to look for old tapestries to repair. The four inadvertently get into several hijinks of traps and devices triggered by themselves, as well as an unknown pony playing on the castle's organ, thought to be the Pony of Shadows. Twilight finds the four in a state of panic and calms them down, and together they find the organ player to be Pinkie Pie, who had followed her friends to the castle, thinking there would be a party.
"Daring Don't" December 7, 2013 404 4 69
Rainbow Dash learns that the next Daring Do book has been delayed, and insists she and her friends need to help author A.K. Yearling finish the book faster. Arriving at Yearling's cabin, the ponies witness the author fighting a group of thugs and discover her to be Daring Do herself. Rainbow is eager to help Daring Do and follows her, but Daring Do insists she works alone and rebuffs Rainbow. In her excitement, Rainbow inadvertently ruins Daring Do's plan to retrieve a mystical ring from the thugs. Daring Do is then caught by her nemesis Ahuizotl, who takes the ring to a nearby temple to activate a doomsday device. Rainbow and her friends come to Daring Do's rescue, and together they destroy the temple and thwart Ahuizotl's plans. Daring Do appreciates Rainbow's help, and writes her into her next book as thanks.
"Flight to the Finish" December 14, 2013 405 5 70
The fillies and colts in Ponyville compete under Rainbow Dash's coaching to be the town's flag carrier for the upcoming Equestria Games. The Cutie Mark Crusaders put together an impressive routine that showcases how all three races of pony live harmoniously in Ponyville. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, who are also vying, attempt to sabotage the event by pointing out Scootaloo's inability to fly at her age. Annoyed, Scootaloo changes the routine to focus more on her flying and spends all her time practicing, exhausting Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo eventually loses hope of ever flying and drops out. When Rainbow Dash finds out, she takes Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle back to Scootaloo's home, and re-enforces the idea that their presentation is not about her ability to fly, but the friendships between the three of them. Scootaloo rejoins her friends, and they successfully win the competition together.
"Power Ponies" December 21, 2013 406 6 71
Spike finds himself unneeded while the ponies clean up the royal sisters' castle, so he goes off to read a Power Ponies superhero comic issue, unaware that it possesses magical powers. When he reaches the end and reads the cryptic text on the last page, he and the ponies are sucked into the comic book. In the comic, the ponies assume the personas of the Power Ponies, while Spike is their bumbling sidekick, Humdrum, to his chagrin. The ponies learn they must defeat the supervillain Mane-iac to escape the comic, but their clumsiness with their newfound powers leaves all but Spike trapped. As the Mane-iac threatens them with her doomsday weapon, the ponies assert that Spike always comes through for them when they need him. Spike is able to use the distraction to trap the Mane-iac's henchmen and free the others, allowing them to stop the Mane-iac and safely return to Equestria.
"Bats!" December 28, 2013 407 7 72
Applejack discovers that vampire fruit bats have infested Sweet Apple Acres, and rallies her friends to get rid of them before her orchard is destroyed. Fluttershy argues the long-term benefits posed by the bats' eating habits, but Applejack dismisses her. Fluttershy reluctantly helps her friends round up the bats, and uses her Stare to keep them in place while Twilight applies a spell that eradicates their appetite for apples. The next morning, Applejack finds that her crops are still being eaten despite Twilight's spell still being in effect. During a stakeout, she and her friends identify the culprit as Fluttershy, who has turned into a bat/pony hybrid as an unintended side-effect of the spell. Fluttershy's friends lure her to a mirror using Applejack's prized apple intended for a county fair as bait, immobilizing her with her own Stare and allowing Twilight to reverse the spell. Applejack builds a sanctuary for the bats per Fluttershy's suggestion, and apologizes for ignoring her.
"Rarity Takes Manehattan" January 4, 2014 408 8 73
Rarity participates in a fashion week competition in the city of Manehattan, bringing her friends for support. She loans samples of her fabric to fellow competitor Suri Polomare out of generosity, only to find the next day that Suri and her aide Coco Pommel have used the fabric to recreate her entire line. Fearing she will be accused of copying Suri, Rarity pressures her friends into missing all their planned activities in order to help make another fashion line. Rarity's new line wins at the show, but she notices her friends' absence and remorsefully believes she has alienated them. She leaves and eventually finds her friends, who forgive her, while Suri lies that Rarity lost the show so as to keep the trophy for herself. Rarity later receives her trophy from Coco, who says that Rarity's generosity has inspired her to quit working for Suri; Coco also gives her a spool of rainbow-colored thread, and is offered a new job with one of Rarity's connections in return.
"Pinkie Apple Pie" January 11, 2014 409 9 74
Pinkie Pie finds a genealogy scroll that suggests she and the Apple family are related, but the text confirming it is smudged beyond legibility. Applejack suggests a trip to their relative Goldie Delicious to find out for sure, and cautions the rest of her immediate family to be on their best behavior for Pinkie. Though the trip starts out uneventful, complications arise once their wagon breaks down and forces them to travel down a river, where bickering between the Apples further stymies their travels until they are eventually redirected over a waterfall. The Apples and Pinkie nevertheless make it safely to Goldie's cabin, but find that the necessary text in her family record book is also scrubbed out. Despite Pinkie's disappointment, Applejack considers her to still be family for being able to put up with their fighting and, like her own immediate ones, work out their differences for the better.
"Rainbow Falls" January 18, 2014 410 10 75
Rainbow Dash leads the Ponyville team for a relay race to qualify for the Equestria Games. At the tryouts, she finds the Cloudsdale team is composed of the Wonderbolts Spitfire, Fleetfoot, and Soarin, and begins to doubt her less skilled teammates. After Soarin crashes and injures his wing, Spitfire and Fleetfoot goad Rainbow into filling in for him. Rainbow secretly splits practice between her friends and the Wonderbolts, but Twilight soon discovers Rainbow's two-timing and urges her to choose a team. Rainbow instead feigns injury to avoid making a decision, but learns while in the hospital that even though Soarin has recovered, the Wonderbolts still want her as a replacement. Angered by their treatment of Soarin, she realizes her loyalty to Ponyville and rejoins her friends while also getting Soarin back on his old team. Rainbow successfully qualifies Ponyville for the games, and Spitfire respectfully gives her a Wonderbolt badge.
"Three's A Crowd" January 25, 2014 411 11 76
Princess Cadance visits Ponyville to spend the day with Twilight, who anticipates quiet bonding time with her sister-in-law. To her dismay, they are approached by Discord, who appears to have come down sick with the "blue flu", and begs the two to care for him while Fluttershy is away. His list of increasingly outlandish demands grate on Twilight's nerves until he finally asks them to make a cure from a flower that grows at the edge of Equestria. The princesses recover the flower and fight off a giant Tatzlwurm guarding it, only to find upon returning that Discord faked his illness to test how far Twilight was willing to go for his well-being. Cadance injects, pointing out that she enjoyed their adventure as a change of pace from her boring royal duties. The Tatzlwurm then reappears and sneezes on Discord, causing him to actually fall sick, and forcing Twilight and her friends to nurse him back to health.
"Pinkie Pride" February 1, 2014 412 12 77
A party planner named Cheese Sandwich arrives in Ponyville on the same day Pinkie Pie is planning a party celebrating Rainbow Dash's birthday and anniversary of her move to Ponyville. The townsfolk, including Pinkie's friends, are entranced by Cheese's partying and allow him to plan the festivities instead, leaving Pinkie dejected. Refusing to be outdone, Pinkie challenges Cheese to a "goof-off" to determine who will headline the party. However, Pinkie soon notices the strain that her prideful behavior is putting on Rainbow, and forfeits the match. Pinkie's friends and Cheese apologize for making her feel neglected, with Cheese revealing it was Pinkie who first inspired him to become a party planner as a colt. Pinkie and Cheese work together to throw Rainbow a spectacular party before Cheese departs, leaving Pinkie his favorite rubber chicken as a parting gift.
"Simple Ways" February 8, 2014 413 13 78
Rarity is elected to host the Ponyville Days festival, which she hopes will attract the attention of Trenderhoof, a trend-setter whom she has been smitten by. Upon his arrival, Rarity takes Trenderhoof on a tour of Ponyville, but she becomes aghast when Trenderhoof falls for Applejack and her farming ways. However, Applejack has no interest in Trenderhoof. Rarity forgoes her festival duties to help out on the farm in the hopes of catching Trenderhoof's eye, but is unable to sway him. As a last ditch effort, Rarity changes her festival's elegant theme to a farming one, dressing and speaking like a farmer herself. Annoyed by her antics, Applejack impersonates Rarity in retaliation, causing Rarity to realize her own foolish behavior and return to her original theme in time for the festival.
"Filli Vanilli" February 15, 2014 414 14 79
Big McIntosh loses his voice the day before he is to sing bass with the Pony Tones vocal quartet for a benefit concert. Despite her crippling stage fright, Fluttershy agrees to sing his part backstage while Big McIntosh lip-syncs, taking a Poison Joke brew made by Zecora to give her a deep, masculine voice. The concert goes on perfectly, and Fluttershy convinces Rarity to let her continue singing for Big McIntosh out of sight as she enjoys being able to sing. After Big McIntosh recovers his voice, Fluttershy asks to perform one last time, but accidentally reveals herself during the concert. She runs off in embarrassment, but her friends convince her that facing her worst fear was not as bad as she had imagined because the audience loved her performance. Fluttershy agrees to perform privately for her friends with the Pony Tones, and after that was successful, indicated she would be willing to sing publicly in the future once she fully overcame her stage fright.
"Twilight Time" February 22, 2014 415 15 80
The Cutie Mark Crusaders are taking lessons under Twilight's mentorship in a weekly event called "Twilight Time". The three decide to take Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon as guests to their next lesson, wanting to one-up Diamond Tiara's showmanship at school, though the two are more excited about meeting the princess. Soon, all of the Crusaders' classmates befriend the three, hoping to meet Twilight themselves. As the pressure mounts on the Crusaders, they are forced to bring them all to the next Twilight Time, where they realize that with all the attention they have received, they have forgotten to practice for their lessons. Twilight is disappointed to learn the Crusaders have taken advantage of her popularity and adjourns Twilight Time, but accepts the Crusaders' apologies and lets them continue their studies in secret from the other children.
"It Ain't Easy Being Breezies" March 1, 2014 416 16 81
Fluttershy and her friends help a flock of magical Breezies migrate through Ponyville by creating a breeze the Breezies need to fly on to reach their distant home before the portal to it closes in a few days' time. When a group inadvertently gets separated from the rest of the flock, Fluttershy takes them in for the short while they need to rest before setting out again, against their leader Seabreeeze's objections. The other Breezies enjoy being in Fluttershy's care, and Fluttershy, not wanting to disappoint them, lengthens their stay despite Seabreeze's urges. Seabreeze desperately takes off on his own and runs into trouble with a swarm of bees, but Fluttershy comes to his aid by talking sternly to the bees. Realizing the dangers Ponyville poses for the Breezies, Fluttershy firmly convinces them to depart with Seabreeze. Finding the group too small to ride the breeze, Twilight uses a spell to transform her and her friends into Breezies, allowing the collective group to reach the Breezies' home in time. Seabreeze gives Fluttershy a flower and their thanks as the portal closes.
"Somepony to Watch Over Me" March 8, 2014 417 17 82
Apple Bloom's family agrees that she is old enough to stay alone at the farm while the three of them go on various errands, including pie deliveries, across Equestria. Shortly after leaving, Applejack has second thoughts and returns home, her sudden appearance startling Apple Bloom into making an accidental mess. Believing Apple Bloom caused the mess on her own, Applejack remains home to incessantly surveil her and childproof the entire farm. Annoyed with Applejack's pampering, Apple Bloom gets Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to cover for her while she sneaks off and makes Applejack's pie deliveries for her to prove herself capable of being on her own. She encounters a hungry chimera in a swamp and does her best to protect herself and the pies until Applejack arrives and rescues her, having discovered the ruse at the farm. Surprised to see her sister managed to save the pies, Applejack stops babying Apple Bloom, and the two finish the delivery together.
"Maud Pie" March 15, 2014 418 18 83
Pinkie Pie is eager for her friends to meet her visiting older sister Maud, whom she says has much in common with each of them. When Maud arrives, however, Pinkie's friends find her to be a dull pony with an unusual interest in rocks, and fail to find any common interest with her despite their best efforts. Upset by her friends' inability to befriend Maud, Pinkie decides to help them by constructing an obstacle course that combines all of their interests, including a giant pile of rocks for Maud. While demonstrating the course, Pinkie is nearly crushed by a boulder, but Maud rescues her. Pinkie's friends realize that Maud cares for Pinkie as much as they do, and offer their friendship to Maud over their shared bond before she leaves, which she accepts.
"For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" March 22, 2014 419 19 84
Sweetie Belle asks Rarity to help with her costumes for a stage play she put together herself. After the play, Sweetie Belle finds that Rarity's dresses garnered more praise than the play itself, and accuses Rarity of upstaging her on purpose. The night before Rarity is to deliver outfits to singer Sapphire Shores in Canterlot, Sweetie Belle spitefully sabotages one of the pieces. Later that night, Sweetie Belle is visited in her dreams by Princess Luna, who uses images of the past, present, and future to show Rarity's pure intentions to Sweetie Belle, and the horrific downward spiral she will undergo if Sweetie Belle's sabotage goes unchecked. Awakening to find Rarity has left for Canterlot, Sweetie Belle rushes after her with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, and manages to repair the outfit with Luna's help before Rarity can present it. Sapphire is pleased with the dresses, and Sweetie Belle reconciles with Rarity.
"Leap of Faith" March 29, 2014 420 20 85
The Flim Flam brothers return to Ponyville, selling a "miracle curative tonic" they claim can remove any pony's ailments. After seeing one pony named Silver Shill get better on the spot after taking the drink, Granny Smith buys a bottle and finds herself able to pursue her old swimming hobbies from her youth. Applejack investigates the brothers' stage to discover that the tonic is a placebo, and that Silver Shill is an actor and accomplice of the brothers. Flim and Flam guile her into keeping quiet in order to spare Granny Smith's newfound happiness, and use her reluctant approval to increase the tonic's popularity. After Granny Smith and Apple Bloom compete in a swim meet, Applejack saves Granny Smith from performing a dangerous high dive stunt, realizing the harm her lies are causing, and exposes the brothers' scheme, running them out of town. Silver Shill is touched by Applejack's honesty and gives her the single coin he earned while working for the brothers, promising to change his ways.
"Testing Testing 1, 2, 3" April 5, 2014 421 21 86
Twilight worries that Rainbow Dash is underprepared for a test on the history of the Wonderbolts as part of her entrance exam to join the Wonderbolts Reserves. She tries to tutor Rainbow using standard academic methods, but Rainbow proves too bored and restless to pay any attention. Their friends offer to help Rainbow study through other unique means, only for Rainbow to become overwhelmed by their clashing methods and arguing on whose method is best. While flying with her to try to cheer her up, Twilight discovers that Rainbow is able to subconsciously memorize anything going on around her while she is airborne. Under Twilight's direction, everyone in Ponyville reenacts the Wonderbolts' history as Rainbow obliviously flies over the town, allowing her to retain everything and ace the exam.
"Trade Ya!" April 19, 2014 422 22 87
The ponies attend the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange to exchange goods, splitting off into pairs. Fluttershy helps Rainbow Dash through a series of trades to acquire a rare Daring Do book, culminating in trading an orthros, but requiring Fluttershy to help housetrain the creature for an extended period. Regretting her eagerness in the trade, Rainbow nullifies the exchange and trades the orthros for a bird whistle, which she gives to Fluttershy. Meanwhile, Rarity and Applejack pool their goods to trade, but begin fighting over specific items they each want that would require trading away their entire stash. The two eventually get each other more affordable items similar to what they want. Finally, Pinkie Pie tries to help Twilight trade off old books by making them out to be more valuable than they are, when Twilight decides to keep the books for their treasured memories. At the end of the day, the girls happily recount their tales on their way back home.
"Inspiration Manifestation" April 26, 2014 423 23 88
Rarity believes her creativity is lost when a puppet stage she designed is rejected by her customer. Spike, concerned for Rarity, finds an old book in the royal sisters' castle containing a spell that allows her to create anything she imagines on a whim. Rarity revels in her new magic and begins making troublesome glamorizations around Ponyville to suit her creative visions. Spike reluctantly supports Rarity, fearing he will lose her friendship if he tries to stop her. Eventually, however, he takes the book away from her in the hopes of keeping her from using the spell, but she remains possessed by the book's dark magic. Finally, Spike musters the courage to tell Rarity what he truly feels about her behavior, which returns her to normal.
"Equestria Games" May 3, 2014 424 24 89
Spike is chosen as the torch lighter for the Equestria Games in recognition of his role in saving the Crystal Empire. At the opening ceremony, Spike succumbs to performance anxiety and is unable to ignite his fire breath. To save him from embarrassment, Twilight discreetly uses her magic to light the torch for him. When Twilight tells him the truth, he tries to find other ways to help in the ceremonies, but his failures make him feel even more humiliated. During an ice archery event, one arrow goes off its mark and creates a giant mass of ice that threatens to crush a section of the stadium. Spike jumps in and is able to melt the ice in time with his fire breath. Spike is hailed as a hero again and is allowed to perform the games' closing ceremony, restoring his self-confidence.
"Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1" May 10, 2014 425 25 90
Twilight Sparkle laments her unfulfilling duties as a princess, but Celestia, Luna, and Cadance affirm that she will have a duty to serve. News arrives that Tirek, a powerful centaurian foe from Equestria's past, has escaped from Tartarus and is draining magic from ponies to grow stronger. Celestia sends Discord to capture Tirek, and Discord convinces Twilight to try to open the chest from the Tree of Harmony, which the ponies believe contains a means to defeat Tirek. In reviewing their shared journal, Twilight discovers her friends have each had a story about helping others and receiving a gift in exchange. These gifts turn out to be five of the six keys needed to open the box, but Twilight has yet to have a similar encounter. Meanwhile, Tirek convinces Discord to join forces with him, and they begin to ravage more of Equestria.
"Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2" May 10, 2014 426 26 91
As Tirek continues to drain ponies' magic, the Princesses give Twilight their own magic so as to hide it from Tirek, who is unaware of Twilight's existence. Tirek captures the other Princesses and, learning of Twilight, turns towards Ponyville. There he drains the power from Twilight's friends, and betrays Discord by stealing his power as well. Twilight faces against Tirek in a destructive battle that ends in a draw. Tirek offers Twilight the freedom of her friends in exchange for her magic, to which she agrees, ordering Discord's release as well. In penance, Discord gives her a medallion he had received from Tirek in mock alliance. The medallion becomes the final key needed for the chest, which opens to bestow Twilight and her friends with a new power, allowing them to reimprison Tirek, free the Princesses, and restore every other pony's magic. The chest then transforms into a new castle for Twilight to reign alongside her friends as the Princess of Friendship.

Season 5Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
"The Cutie Map - Part 1" April 4, 2015 502 2 93
As Twilight Sparkle and her friends get used to her new castle, they find that when they each sit on their respective thrones, they activate a map that shows trouble across Equestria. Traveling to one point, they find a town where all the ponies have the same cutie mark, an equals sign. All of the ponies except Fluttershy suspect something is wrong with the town's creepy smiles and over-the-top joy, particularly after meeting their leader, Starlight Glimmer. Starlight shows that all the ponies living there have given up their cutie marks, leaving them stored in a nearby cave, as by being equal with no special talents, they all can achieve friendship better. Twilight and her friends secretly meet with other ponies who recognize that Starlight's vision for the town is not normal and ask for their help. When the six try to retrieve the cutie marks, they are lured into a trap and Starlight is able to take their marks.
"The Cutie Map - Part 2" April 4, 2015 502 2 93
Without their cutie marks, the six ponies are trapped in the village while Starlight waits for them to accept their fate. The six send Fluttershy, who has been the most open to the townspeople, to act as though she has accepted Starlight's ways in order to help the others escape. That night, Fluttershy sneaks out and discovers that Starlight has never given up her cutie mark, using paint to mask her real one, and has taken her friends' cutie marks to her house with larger plans for Twilight's mark. When Starlight frees the others the next day, Fluttershy exposes Starlight's ruse to the townsfolk by splashing water on her. As Starlight flees with the six's marks, the townsfolk reclaim their own marks and chase Starlight down, successfully recovering the six marks. Starlight manages to escape, while everyone returns to the town to celebrate getting their individuality back.
"Castle Sweet Castle" April 11, 2015 503 3 94
Twilight's friends learn that she has been avoiding her castle because she doesn't feel at home there. The five offer to decorate the castle, having Spike take Twilight for a day around Ponyville. In their first attempt, the five end up cluttering it with their own clashing styles. They try to remove pieces one by one, but only end up satisfied when everything is emptied out, making no progress. Realizing that they all miss Twilight's old home at the destroyed Golden Oak Library, the five fashion the tree's roots into a chandelier adorned with gems to remind Twilight of her old memories from Ponyville and inspire her to make new ones. Twilight returns to the castle and is moved by her friends' gift, finding that they have each also decorated a different room in the castle themselves.
"Bloom & Gloom" April 18, 2015 504 4 95
After learning that Babs Seed has earned her cutie mark and is no longer a Cutie Mark Crusader, Apple Bloom begins to worry about getting her own cutie mark. That night, she has a series of nightmares in which her mark appears, only for her to either dislike her talent or become cast out by her friends and family. In each dream, a shadowy figure helps remove her cutie mark, which only makes the dreams worsen. Princess Luna appears in the dream and shows Apple Bloom that Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have also been having similar dreams about their cutie marks, teaching the Crusaders not to fear who they are or what others think of them. The three affirm that they will always remain friends, deciding to help Babs face her own anxieties about her mark.
"Tanks for the Memories" April 25, 2015 505 5 96
Rainbow Dash is excited to spend her first winter with her pet tortoise Tank until she learns from Fluttershy that Tank has to hibernate for the winter. Rainbow tries to stop winter from coming, but cannot hold back the efforts of the hard-working weather ponies. Rainbow Dash gets the idea to sabotage the weather factory in Cloudsdale, but inadvertently ends up creating a blizzard that speeds up winter. The rest of her friends arrive at her home to cheer her up, but their attempts are met with immediate dismissal by Rainbow. After telling her that this is what ultimately must be done for Tank's health, Rainbow reluctantly agrees to let Tank hibernate, but stays by Tank's side for a little while longer to read him a bedtime story and help him get to sleep.
"Appleloosa's Most Wanted" May 2, 2015 506 6 97
Applejack forbids the Cutie Mark Crusaders from participating in a rodeo at Appleloosa when Trouble Shoes, a local outlaw, is spotted ruining an upcoming show. The Crusaders run off on their own to bring Trouble Shoes to justice, wanting to earn their cutie marks in the rodeo. When they find Trouble Shoes, they discover he is a kindhearted yet clumsy pony who causes trouble by accident, blaming his bad luck on his cutie mark. He agrees to lead the Crusaders back to town, but he is caught by Sheriff Silverstar and his posse, who accuse Trouble Shoes of kidnapping the Crusaders. The Crusaders break Trouble Shoes out of prison and disguise him as a rodeo clown so he can enter the rodeo like he always wanted, convincing him to view his cutie mark more positively. Trouble Shoes is exposed during his performance, but the other ponies are entertained by his clumsy routine and forgive him after the Crusaders admit they ran away.
"Make New Friends but Keep Discord" May 16, 2015 507 7 98
As the Grand Galloping Gala nears, Discord is dismayed to learn that Fluttershy has already invited another friend, Tree Hugger, instead of him. Refusing to show his jealousy, Discord makes his own plans to go to the Gala, taking along his friend, the Smooze, a slime-like creature that grows by eating gems. At the Gala, Discord again tries to get Fluttershy to talk to him over Tree Hugger, but finds attending to the Smooze to be distracting and stuffs it away in a closet filled with gems and gold. The Smooze digests the treasures, and soon its form floods the Gala, but Tree Hugger lulls it back to a harmless state with soothing music. Infuriated, Discord threatens to send Tree Hugger into a different dimension, but Fluttershy reminds him that everyone can have different friends to talk about different things with. Discord apologizes to both Fluttershy and Tree Hugger and reverts the Smooze to normal, and the Gala continues, much happier than before.
"The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" May 23, 2015 508 8 99
The cutie mark map sends Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie to the griffon city of Griffonstone. When the two arrive, they find the once thriving city is derelict ever since a golden idol, the city's symbol of power, was stolen by a monster and fell into a chasm. The two also meet Rainbow Dash's former friend Gilda, who is still resentful from her past visit to Ponyville. Rainbow Dash goes to recover the lost idol, believing it will restore Griffonstone's former glory, while Pinkie remains to help the griffons rediscover friendship, starting by helping Gilda improve her scone recipe. When Rainbow Dash gets stuck in the chasm, Pinkie is able to convince Gilda that she still thinks of Rainbow Dash as a friend, and the two work to rescue her. Gilda spots the missing idol teetering on a nearby ledge, but she opts to save Rainbow Dash instead, and the idol falls into the chasm. Gilda and Rainbow Dash make up, and Gilda is able to use Pinkie's friendship idea to help more griffons become more friendly than before.
"Slice of Life" June 13, 2015 509 9 100
Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda are scheduled to be married tomorrow, but realize the invitations that were sent out across Equestria have it set for today due to Muffins' printing error. The two race to reschedule the event for the day, while at the same time Twilight Sparkle and her friends fight off a bugbear attacking Ponyville. During this, the episode highlights various other residents of Ponyville as they prepare for the wedding, such as the Doctor, Muffins, DJ Pon-3, Octavia, Lyra, Bon Bon, and Stephen Magnet. Eventually, despite the tribulations, the wedding goes off on time and the bugbear is defeated, with Mayor Mare, officiating the wedding, commenting on how Ponyville is filled with many varied and interesting characters with their own stories.
"Princess Spike" June 20, 2015 510 10 101
Princess Twilight is left exhausted and falls asleep after hosting a large delegation in Canterlot, and Princess Cadance asks Spike to make sure no one disturbs Twilight. When delegates begin making complaints to Twilight, Spike makes his own decisions on Twilight's behalf instead of waking her. He soon becomes power hungry and tries to complete Twilight's other tasks in her place. Spike's poor decisions quickly lead to a chain of disasters across Canterlot, and a mob of angry delegates go to confront Twilight. Spike manages to keep them out of Twilight's room, but Twilight awakens refreshed and discovers the problems Spike has caused. Spike apologizes to the delegates, and they forgivingly help him fix a ceremonial statue made from gemstones to show Spike that no matter how big or small their role, they can work together to create something beautiful.
"Party Pooped" June 27, 2015 511 11 102
A friendship summit with visiting yaks turns into a disaster when the ponies fail to replicate the yaks' traditions, angering them into declaring war. Feeling pressured by her inability to appease the yaks, Pinkie Pie decides she must bring something from their native land of Yakyakistan to make them feel at home. She embarks on a journey across Equestria and receives help from various ponies, but when she reaches Yakyakistan's gates, she accidentally slides all the way back home on a sled. Pinkie despairs over her failure, but she is inspired by her friends' appreciation of her hard work to share the ponies' own tradition of friendship with the yaks, who are touched and make peace with the ponies.
"Amending Fences" July 4, 2015 512 12 103
After Spike comments on the bad friend Twilight used to be before moving to Ponyville and becoming the Princess of Friendship, Twilight decides to return to Canterlot to reconnect with her old friends. Although her friends Minuette, Twinkleshine, and Lemon Hearts bear no ill feelings towards her, Twilight discovers that Moondancer, a friend who shares Twilight's interest in studying, has become a complete recluse since Twilight declined to attend a party meant to help her become more social. When Moondancer rebuffs all of Twilight's attempts to rekindle their friendship, Twilight brings Pinkie Pie to Canterlot to throw another party where they invite several friends Moondancer has already made, which causes Moondancer to finally accept Twilight's apology and friendship.
"Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" July 11, 2015 513 13 104
Princess Luna's dreams are inhabited by the Tantabus, a parasitic cloud monster that turns her dreams into nightmares. During a nightmare where Luna turns back into Nightmare Moon and is defeated by Twilight and her friends, the Tantabus escapes and infests the six ponies' dreams. Luna enters each pony's dream to catch the Tantabus before it can grow powerful enough to spread its influence into the real world. Unfortunately, it spreads into Ponyville when Pinkie Pie dreams of sharing ice cream with all the townsfolk, requiring Luna to merge every pony's dreams into one. Despite the town's efforts to contain the Tantabus, it grows in size each time Luna blames herself for the situation. Realizing her guilt for her actions as Nightmare Moon is feeding the Tantabus, Luna is able to stop it by forgiving herself. With the Tantabus gone, Luna is finally able to sleep peacefully.
"Canterlot Boutique" September 12, 2015 514 14 105
Rarity achieves her dream of opening her own boutique in Canterlot. She makes a variety of dresses, but her business-savvy manager Sassy Saddles focuses on marketing one particular dress, which becomes extremely popular. Sassy tasks Rarity with mass-producing the dress under strict regulations, which causes Rarity to lose her passion for dressmaking. Feeling miserable despite her success, Rarity decides to close the boutique with a going-out-of-business sale of all her unsold designs, which prove to be just as successful as her original dress. This reinvigorates Rarity and convinces her to keep the store open under the management of Sassy, who is inspired to follow Rarity's example in dressmaking.
"Rarity Investigates" September 19, 2015 515 15 106
Rainbow Dash is accused of sending Spitfire away on a fake errand to replace her in a Wonderbolts aerial display and fly alongside her idol Wind Rider. Rarity investigates the crime to prove Rainbow's innocence, but her constant habit of acting out a film noir mystery makes Rainbow Dash believe she isn't taking things seriously. Despite this, Rarity is successfully able to identify the true culprit as Wind Rider, who confesses to framing Rainbow Dash to protect his flight speed record. Spitfire discharges Wind Rider from the Wonderbolts and allows Rainbow Dash to take his place in the display.
"Made in Manehattan" September 26, 2015 516 16 107
Occurring in the same storyline as "Brotherhooves Social", Applejack and Rarity are summoned by the map to the city of Manehattan, where they find their friend Coco Pommel in need of help reviving her neighborhood's community theater. Unable to find any volunteers to assist, the two offer to help Coco by themselves. Applejack takes up the task of repairing the derelict theater at the local park, but she fails to finish before her scheduled time. She instead builds a small stage outside the park, where they attract passersby with a play depicting the original theater's creation. The play is a success and inspires the citizens of Manehattan to do more for their community.
"Brotherhooves Social" October 3, 2015 517 17 108
Occurring in the same storyline as "Made in Manehattan", Apple Bloom is disappointed that Applejack is called away to Manehattan before the two can participate in the Sisterhooves Social competition together. Big McIntosh decides to enter the competition in Applejack's place by disguising himself as Apple Bloom's female cousin "Orchard Blossom", much to Apple Bloom's embarrassment even while he fools almost no one at the event. Big McIntosh inadvertently wreaks havoc at the competition in his eagerness to spend time with Apple Bloom, eventually resulting in the two getting disqualified. They later make amends after Big McIntosh admits that he misses being idolized by Apple Bloom as much as Applejack.
"Crusaders of the Lost Mark" October 10, 2015 518 18 109
The Cutie Mark Crusaders help their classmate Pipsqueak win their class's student president election against Diamond Tiara, who is berated by her mother Spoiled Rich for failing to live up to their family's social image. Feeling sorry for Diamond Tiara, the Crusaders offer to help her change her ways so she can earn her classmates' support. When they learn Pipsqueak is unable to afford any of his promises as student president, Diamond Tiara attempts to replace him to regain her mother's favor. With the Crusaders' persuasion, however, Diamond Tiara stands up to her mother and lends her family's funds to the school instead. After dedicating themselves to helping others understand their talents, the Crusaders simultaneously earn their cutie marks and celebrate with their friends and family.
"The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" October 17, 2015 519 19 110
Princess Cadance and Shining Armor are arriving in Ponyville in a few days, and Pinkie Pie learns from the Cakes that the couple are going to surprise Twilight Sparkle and the others with news that they are having a foal. Pinkie promises to keep the news a secret, but stresses about maintaining it as she helps with the visit's preparations. When the couple finally arrive, Shining Armor sets up a scavenger hunt for Twilight and the others to receive a surprise award and Pinkie, no longer able to contain the secret, aggressively answers the riddles until they meet Shining Armor and Cadance at Sugarcube Corner. The couple reveal the surprise, elating Twilight and relieving Pinkie of her stress.
"Hearthbreakers" October 24, 2015 520 20 111
Pinkie Pie invites Applejack and her family to spend Hearth's Warming together at the Pie rock farm. The Apples quickly discover that the Pies have very different traditions around the holiday and are much less joyful than what they are used to. Applejack tries to liven the mood by introducing her family's traditions to the Pies, but in her haste, she causes Holder's Boulder—a giant rock the Pies hold dear—to fall into a quarry. Realizing she has ruined the holiday, Applejack and her family decide to leave, but on the train ride back, Granny Smith learns that Holder's Boulder is a centerpiece of the farm and part of their traditions. Applejack returns to the farm with her family to apologize to the Pies for forcing her traditions onto them and helps them push Holder's Boulder back to its proper place. The two families reconcile their differences and continue to enjoy the holiday.
"Scare Master" October 31, 2015 521 21 112
Fluttershy is forced to go out on Nightmare Night to buy food for Angel instead of shutting herself in her cottage as usual. She decides to use this as an opportunity to join her friends in the festivities, putting together a horror attraction to avoid letting her overly fearful nature will ruin the fun for them. Her first attempt falls short of their expectations, but with the help of her animal friends, she adds a terrifying section to the Apple family corn maze to surprise her friends. Although her friends enjoy it, Fluttershy realizes she is uncomfortable with scaring others and decides to stop forcing herself to do what she dislikes.
"What About Discord?" November 7, 2015 522 22 113
Twilight returns after spending three days reorganizing her library alone with Spike to find her friends have spent a memorable and hilarious bonding activity with Discord. Refusing to admit her jealousy at being left out, Twilight focuses on understanding how her friends could become so close to Discord, trying to recreate their weekend as an "experiment". When this fails, Twilight convinces herself that Discord has put her friends under a spell, but the potion she forces them to drink to prove it has no effect. Finally, Twilight apologizes to her friends and admits that as the Princess of Friendship, she believes she has no right to feel jealous. Her friends forgive her and playfully ignore Discord after he reveals he intentionally convinced them to leave her out in order to teach her this lesson.
"The Hooffields and McColts" November 14, 2015 523 23 114
Twilight and Fluttershy are called by the map to a valley within the Smokey Mountains to stop a feud between two neighboring families, the Hooffields and the McColts. With the valley in shambles from the feud, Twilight believes that this is a simple friendship problem and tries to get both sides to discuss the matter. However, the feud has gone on for so long, neither side remembers how the feud started, and their misunderstandings of Twilight's plan only worsen the fighting. Fluttershy learns that the animals in the area have no food or shelter due to the feud, which started over a petty argument well in the past. Upon recalling their origins and realizing their fighting is pointless, both sides agree to stop fighting and help to restore the valley's wildlife together.
"The Mane Attraction" November 21, 2015 524 24 115
A charity concert is being held at Sweet Apple Acres featuring Countess Coloratura, the most famous pop singer in Equestria. Applejack reveals she knew Coloratura when they met at camp as fillies, and knew she could sing well when they performed a song they wrote together for the campers. When Coloratura arrives, Applejack is confused to see she appears to be an overly demanding diva, unlike the humble pony Applejack knew. Applejack discovers behind the scenes that Coloratura is still as the same, charitable pony as always, and that her demands come from her manager Svengallop, using her fame for his benefit. After Applejack and her friends reveal Svengallop's greed, Coloratura fires him on the spot. Without her manager to make a spectacle of her performance, Coloratura instead sings a more passionate ballad that the crowd loves, and then invites Applejack join her on stage with the Cutie Mark Crusaders to finish the concert with the song they wrote at camp.
"The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1" November 28, 2015 525 25 116
Starlight Glimmer returns to take revenge against Twilight Sparkle and her friends for ruining her utopian society. To do this, she alters Star Swirl the Bearded's time travel spell so it allows her to travel back in time to the point Rainbow Dash performed her first Sonic Rainboom, which allowed her friends to obtain their cutie marks at the same time. Twilight and Spike follow after her, but fail to stop her from sabotaging the race. The two return to the present to find that Equestria is at war with King Sombra, yet the Cutie Map remains and grants Twilight and Spike access to reuse Star Swirl's spell. They fail to stop Starlight a second time, and return to another future ruled by Queen Chrysalis.
"The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2" November 28, 2015 526 26 117
Twilight and Spike become trapped in a time loop as they repeatedly fail to stop Starlight from altering the past, which creates progressively worse versions of Equestria dominated by other villains such as Nightmare Moon, Lord Tirek, Discord and the Flim Flam brothers. Finally, they forcibly take Starlight with them to show how her actions are ravaging Equestria. Starlight refuses to believe them and shows them her own childhood, revealing that she was separated from her friend Sunburst the day he earned his cutie mark and left to study at Celestia's school for gifted unicorns. Understanding Starlight's fear of losing friends because of their talents, Twilight convinces her to give friendship another chance, and they return to the unaltered present together. After deliberating with her friends, Twilight decides to take Starlight on as her student and accept her as one of their friends.

Season 6Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
"The Crystalling Part - 1" March 26, 2016 601 1 118
Twilight Sparkle and her friends are invited to the Crystal Empire to attend the Crystalling, a magical ceremony honoring the birth of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor's foal. Twilight brings her new pupil Starlight Glimmer to the empire to reconnect with Sunburst, her estranged childhood friend, as part of her first friendship lesson. Starlight, however, is anxious to have Sunburst find out about her past villainy and tries to avoid the reunion. The two eventually meet, and following a chilly conversation with him, Starlight assumes Sunburst to be a successful wizard who has moved on from their past friendship. Meanwhile, Twilight is shocked to discover the foal is an alicorn, whose cries are amplified by her powerful magic and shatter the Crystal Heart that protects the empire from a deadly winter storm.
"The Crystalling Part - 2" March 26, 2016 602 2 119
With the Crystal Empire threatened by eternal winter, Twilight and her friends desperately search for a spell to restore the Crystal Heart. Starlight believes Sunburst is capable of such a spell, but when she goes to retrieve him, he despairingly admits he is not a powerful wizard as she believes, and is jealous of Starlight's pupilship under Twilight. Starlight reveals her own past mistakes, and the two reconcile. Using his knowledge learned from Princess Celestia's academy, Sunburst helps Starlight and the princesses perform the Crystalling, which repairs the heart, staves off the winter storm, and keeps the alicorn foal's power in check. Shining Armor and Cadance name their foal Flurry Heart to commemorate the event.
"The Gift of the Maud Pie" April 2, 2016 603 3 120
Pinkie Pie joins Rarity on a business trip to Manehattan for an annual gift-swapping tradition with her sister, Maud. In hope of finding a gift that rivals Maud's, Pinkie searches the city to buy a pouch for Maud's pet rock, Boulder, only to find that the pouch store is closed. Rarity spots a stallion with the ideal pouch Pinkie wants, which the stallion trades to Pinkie in exchange for her party cannon. After Maud gives Pinkie her gift—confetti for her party cannon—she learns what Pinkie has done and returns the pouch for the cannon. Pinkie vows to find a new gift to compensate, but Maud insists that she is content with whatever Pinkie gives her as long as done out of love.
"On Your Marks" April 9, 2016 604 4 121
Finally having their cutie marks, the Cutie Mark Crusaders set out to enact their destinies of helping other ponies gain and understand their own marks. They are unable to find many ponies who are discontent with their marks, however, so the three split up to pursue their own interests in the meantime. Feeling alone and indecisive, Apple Bloom takes up ballet and encounters Tender Taps, a blank flank colt who suffers from performance anxiety despite his talent for tap dancing. The Crusaders help Tender Taps overcome his fear and earn his cutie mark, themselves realizing that they can use their experiences apart to help others.
"Gauntlet of Fire" April 16, 2016 605 5 122
Spike and numerous other dragons receive a summons from the Dragon Lord Torch to participate in the Gauntlet of Fire, a perilous challenge designed to name his successor. Spike initially has no interest to participate, but changes his mind upon realizing that the other competitors—including Garble, who holds a grudge against Spike and his friends—are eager to use the position to pillage Equestria. Receiving support from Twilight and Rarity, Spike saves the life of Torch's daughter Princess Ember, who has secretly entered the gauntlet to prove herself a worthy leader. Initially reluctant, Ember teams up with Spike and helps him claim the scepter that determines the winner, forcing Garble to stand down when he attacks his friends. Spike then passes the scepter onto Ember, declaring her the true Dragon Lord.
"No Second Prances" April 30, 2016 606 6 123
Twilight instructs Starlight to make a new friend in Ponyville to invite to a dinner party with Princess Celestia. After her other efforts come up short, Starlight meets Twilight's former adversary Trixie and bonds with her over their mutual search for forgiveness for their past villainy. Twilight disapproves of the friendship, however, doubting Trixie's intentions despite previously forgiving her. Appalled by Twilight's lack of trust, Starlight opts to skip the dinner to help Trixie perform a dangerous magic stunt. When Twilight confronts the two before the show, Trixie thoughtlessly brags that she has been using her friendship with Starlight in an act of revenge against Twilight, infuriating Starlight. Seeing how heartbroken Trixie is over her actions, Twilight convinces Starlight to give Trixie another chance. Starlight helps Trixie complete her stunt just in time, and the two reconcile.
"Newbie Dash" May 7, 2016 607 7 124
Rainbow Dash finally joins the Wonderbolts after one of its members retires. During her first day of flight practice, however, Rainbow Dash makes a novice mistake and crashes into a trash can, leading her teammates to calling her "Rainbow Crash", a nickname previously used to bully her. Hurt by this nickname, Rainbow Dash tries to find other ways to change the others' impression of her, to no avail. When the Wonderbolts perform a show in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash enlists Scootaloo's help to perform an unscheduled stunt to impress them, but it backfires and results in her suffering an even more disastrous crash. After the show, the Wonderbolts explain to Rainbow Dash that they all have their own embarrassing nicknames, telling her she should not let hers define who she is. They keep her on the team, admitting they have wanted her to join ever since she became a reserve, though Spitfire puts her on a month-long probation for her actions.
"A Hearth's Warming Tail" May 14, 2016 608 8 125
On Hearth's Warming Eve, Twilight reads Starlight her favorite holiday story, A Hearth's Warming Tail (a retelling of A Christmas Carol), to help her better appreciate the season. In the story, Snowfall Frost (Starlight) is a cold-hearted unicorn who does not believe the origins of Hearth's Warming, so she brews a potion meant to erase her fellow ponies' memories of the holiday. Her actions draw the attention of three spirits, who intend to dissuade her from carrying out her plot by showing her visions of various Hearth's Warming scenes. First, the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past (Applejack) reminds Snowfall of the holiday spirit she abandoned in her youth to focus on her studies. Next, the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Present (Pinkie Pie) helps Snowfall understand how much the holiday means to other ponies. Finally, the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Yet to Come (Princess Luna) reveals the eternal winter brought about by windigos should she carry out her plan, which convinces Snowfall to change her ways. After the story ends, Starlight similarly realizes the importance of Hearth's Warming and joins her friends in the festivities.
"The Saddle Row Review" May 21, 2016 609 9 126
Rarity and her friends are interviewed for a journalistic review of Rarity's new boutique in Manehattan. While Rarity believes the store's grand opening was a perfect success, her friends candidly recount the numerous blunders and last-minute solutions that they hid from Rarity during preparations. With their mistakes exposed in the review, the ponies fear Rarity's disappointment in them for almost ruining the opening. To their surprise, the review ends with a glowing assessment of Rarity and her friends' individual contributions that have helped ensure the store's success.
"Applejack's "Day" Off" May 28, 2016 610 10 127
Rarity wishes to spend time with Applejack at the spa, but Applejack finds herself too busy to make good on her promises. Twilight and Spike agree to do Applejack's chores per her exact instructions, freeing up an hour for Applejack to spend with Rarity. To Rarity's annoyance, Applejack spends most of this time fixing the spa's plumbing to lighten the workers' load. Applejack returns to the farm to find that Twilight and Spike have not yet completed their task due to too many unnecessary steps in Applejack's instructions. Twilight, Spike and Rarity help streamline Applejack's schedule, finally allowing Applejack to take the rest of the day off.
"Flutter Brutter" June 4, 2016 611 11 128
Fluttershy's younger brother Zephyr Breeze moves into their parents' house after his attempt to become a mane stylist goes wrong. Fluttershy convinces Zephyr to move out, only for him to move into Fluttershy's cottage. She tries to help him find a job, but he manages to find ways to avoid doing any work, so she kicks him out. Later feeling sorry for Zephyr when he takes up living in the woods, Fluttershy understands that he feels unable to do anything because of his fear of failure. Receiving encouragement from Fluttershy to keep trying despite his frustrations, Zephyr commits to becoming a mane stylist and eventually graduates from his class.
"Spice Up Your Life" June 11, 2016 612 12 129
Pinkie Pie and Rarity are called to Canterlot by the reactivated Cutie Map to solve a friendship problem. There they find The Tasty Treat, a struggling Indian-style restaurant where the owner, Coriander Cumin, and his chef daughter Saffron Masala are too busy arguing with each other to help their business. Pinkie and Rarity decide to help give the restaurant a positive review from well-known food critic Zesty Gourmand, but because of their conflicting views—Rarity encouraging Cumin to conform to Zesty's specific standards, and Pinkie encouraging Saffron to be unique—their efforts fail to impress Zesty. Undeterred, the duo manage to reconcile and apply their areas of expertise to bring an audience of ponies to the restaurant and renew Cumin and Saffron's passion for cooking. They even stand up to an indignant Zesty, saying that her personal opinions about food should not be used to sway those of others. With the restaurant a success, their mission is accomplished.
"Stranger Than Fan Fiction" July 30, 2016 613 13 130
Rainbow Dash attends a Daring Do convention where she meets another avid fan named Quibble Pants. The two quickly bond until Quibble Pants criticizes the later series of Daring Do books as unrealistic, which upsets Rainbow Dash, who secretly knows Daring Do is real. Daring Do approaches Rainbow Dash for help looking out for Doctor Caballeron, who is following her in her search for a priceless artifact. While Rainbow Dash tries to explain the severity of the situation to Quibble Pants, Caballeron overhears her and abducts them both. Quibble Pants believes this is all a paid "adventur-perience" Rainbow Dash bought until a fantastic creature nearly eats him. Daring Do arrives and saves the two, finally convincing Quibble Pants that her stories are true. He and Rainbow Dash help Daring Do find the artifact and escape the temple, after which Daring Do gets rid of Caballeron and directs the two to safety. As they return to the convention, Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants recognize they love different facets of the Daring Do stories, and they agree to respect each other's opinions.
"The Cart Before the Ponies" August 6, 2016 614 14 131
Ponyville holds its annual Applewood Derby, a kart race where the school children are to drive their own self-made vehicles with the help of older ponies. The Cutie Mark Crusaders enlist Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity to assist with their karts, but the mares get carried away in their excitement for the derby and completely ignore the different design ideas that the fillies want to try, and eventually take over as drivers. During the race, the mares crash into each other and destroy their karts in a pile-up. Berated by the Crusaders for ruining the derby, the mares apologize and help the fillies rebuild their karts the way they want, sitting out to let the Crusaders enjoy the race.
"28 Pranks Later" August 13, 2016 615 15 132
Rainbow Dash begins a pranking spree around Ponyville, irritating her friends who find her jokes unfunny and hurtful. When all of the townspeople fall victim to her pranks, they send Pinkie Pie—the only pony unoffended by Rainbow Dash's pranks—to convince her to stop. Instead, Rainbow Dash divulges her plan to prank the entire town at once with rainbow-filled cookies, feeding Pinkie one as a test. Later, Pinkie falls ill with a craving for cookies while Rainbow Dash helps the Cutie Mark Crusaders sell her cookies. When the entire town falls silent that night, Rainbow Dash checks on Pinkie to find that she and all the ponies who have eaten the cookies have turned into zombies with rainbow-stained faces. Rainbow Dash holes herself up in Applejack's barn with Applejack, Rarity and the Crusaders, only to find they have been infected as well. Once Rainbow Dash apologizes for her pranks, the "infected" ponies reveal the entire outbreak to be a prank that Pinkie devised to teach her a lesson about pranks that go too far.
"The Times They Are a Changeling" August 20, 2016 616 16 133
During a visit to the Crystal Empire, Twilight, Starlight and Spike find the city in a state of panic after a changeling sighting. After getting lost during the search effort, Spike is rescued by the changeling, Thorax, from falling down a pit. Realizing that Thorax only wants to make friends despite facing prejudice from other ponies, Spike introduces Thorax to the city in a pony disguise as a longtime friend. When Spike shows Princess Flurry Heart to him, however, the baby's love overwhelms Thorax, who drops his disguise; Spike struggles to defend Thorax as his friends chase the changeling away. Feeling guilty, Spike reunites with Thorax and stands up to his friends, pleading that even changelings can be trustworthy when given a chance. The other ponies are touched and apologize to Thorax, who promises to spread his knowledge of friendship to the other changelings.
"Dungeons & Discords" August 27, 2016 617 17 134
Discord becomes lonely when Fluttershy embarks on a trip to Yakyakistan with her friends. Feeling sorry for Discord, Spike and Big McIntosh invite him to their get-together to cheer him up while the others are away. To Discord's disappointment, their evening involves playing a tabletop role-playing game called "Ogres and Oubliettes"; he quickly grows bored and attempts to take over the evening with his own ideas of fun. When Spike and Big Mac remain adamant in playing their game, Discord angrily teleports them to a dimension where the game's monsters and danger are real. Fed up, the two eject Discord from the game, leaving him dejected once more. The two quickly feel guilty and allow him to stay, finding that his real-life version of their game is much more entertaining, while Discord apologizes for ruining their evening.
"Buckball Season" September 3, 2016 618 18 135
Applejack is challenged by her cousin Braeburn to a game of "buckball" in Appleloosa. While recruiting new players for Ponyville's team, she and Rainbow Dash are surprised to find that Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are much better players than they are, and let the two take their place; Snails is also recruited for his unexpected ball-catching skills. Applejack and Rainbow Dash put the two through rigorous training exercises, causing Pinkie and Fluttershy to feel pressured and lose their edge. When Applejack and Rainbow Dash try encouraging them by gathering all of Ponyville to cheer them on, Pinkie and Fluttershy fear disappointing the town and refuse to play anymore. Applejack and Rainbow Dash realize their competitiveness has ruined the sport for Pinkie and Fluttershy, who play best when having fun. To rebuild their confidence, Applejack and Rainbow Dash convince the two to help them practice. Pinkie and Fluttershy regain their love of the sport, motivating them to win the game against Appleloosa.
"The Fault in Our Cutie Marks!" September 10, 2016 619 19 136
The Cutie Mark Crusaders are visited by Gabby, a griffon who desires a cutie mark of her own after witnessing Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash's previous friendship mission in Griffonstone. Knowing that it is unlikely for griffons to have cutie marks, the Crusaders try anyway by taking Gabby through a list of helpful activities to see if she gets one. Although Gabby excels at everything she attempts, no cutie mark appears, and the Crusaders despairingly realize that their task is impossible. Feeling sorry for the Crusaders, Gabby surprises them by revealing a fake cutie mark she has "earned", but the three soon discover the truth when she suddenly tries to leave. The Crusaders determine that Gabby, despite her lack of a mark, still has a purpose in life by helping others; the three make her an honorary member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders so she can help her fellow griffons as they have done.
"Viva Las Pegasus" September 17, 2016 620 20 137
The map sends Applejack and Fluttershy to a popular Las Pegasus hotel run by a generous pony named Gladmane. The two have trouble finding a friendship problem to solve until they encounter con artist brothers Flim and Flam in the middle of a feud. Fluttershy speculates their mission is to help the brothers reconcile, but Applejack, out of her family's bitter history with the two, wants nothing to do with them. While searching for different problems, Applejack and Fluttershy discover Gladmane has been turning his employees, including the brothers, against each other to ensure their trust and continued services for his hotel. Once Fluttershy and a reluctant Applejack reveal Gladmane's duplicity to Flim and Flam, the brothers help them devise an elaborate scheme to trick Gladmane into revealing his plans to the public. After Gladmane is exposed, Flim and Flam promptly take over the establishment to resume their con business together.
"Every Little Thing She Does" September 24, 2016 621 21 138
Twilight notices that Starlight's progress with her friendship lessons has been slacking, so she assigns her with several activities to do with their five friends while she and Spike are away in Canterlot for the day. Desperate to complete all her lessons at once to impress Twilight, Starlight hypnotizes the five ponies into carrying out their individual activities, but Starlight's poor directions cause them to make a total mess of the castle. Upon returning, Twilight lifts the spell on the five and admonishes Starlight, saying that the true purpose of the activities was to get to know her friends more. After Starlight apologizes to them, the five help her clean up the castle, and Starlight manages to complete her lessons in one day.
"P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)" October 1, 2016 622 22 139
A furious Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack return from a disastrous boating trip, refusing to speak to each other. Twilight questions the three over what went wrong, each giving a contradictory story that ends with their boat capsizing: Rarity blames Applejack for ruining her luxury cruise idea by steering the boat into a storm; Pinkie Pie blames Rarity for getting rid of her party snacks; and Applejack blames both Rarity and Pinkie Pie for disrupting her planned seafaring treasure hunt. After comparing the stories, Twilight notices a common thread in the form of a plate of cucumber sandwiches falling into bubbling water. She brings the three on another cruise to demonstrate that a cucumber-eating sea monster is responsible for sinking the boat. The three realize they have been fighting for no reason, and they promise to talk out their differences in the future.
"Where The Apple Lies" October 8, 2016 623 23 140
After Apple Bloom tells a lie to hide a mistake, her family tells her a story of an even bigger fiasco caused by a series of lies told by Applejack. In a flashback, Granny Smith disapproves of a business deal Applejack hastily makes with Filthy Rich, who threatens to cut ties with the Apple family when Applejack tries to withdraw the deal. Because her family relies on the Rich family's funds, Applejack stops Filthy Rich by falsely claiming that Granny is sick. To keep him from learning the truth, Applejack continues to lie by saying Granny is hospitalized with apple blight. When he and his future wife Spoiled Milk go to visit her, Applejack convinces her to come to the hospital in a doctor's disguise and leaves her reluctant brother Big McIntosh to pose as Granny, who obliviously prepares to perform public surgery on him. This forces Applejack to tell everyone the truth, resulting in her present value of honesty.
"Top Bolt" October 15, 2016 624 24 141
The map calls Rainbow Dash and Twilight to the Wonderbolt Academy to solve a friendship problem between two trainees: the talented Sky Stinger and his seemingly less skilled partner Vapor Trail. While observing the two, Rainbow Dash and Twilight recognize that Vapor Trail, who dislikes being the center of attention, has been silently providing wind support for Sky Stinger, who fails to notice his own poor flight performance without her. Rainbow Dash and Twilight attempt to train the two separately while keeping Sky Stinger from finding out Vapor Trail's actions to maintain his confidence. When he cockily refuses to cooperate, Vapor Trail blurts the truth to him, which ruins their friendship. Realizing they have approached the problem the wrong way, Rainbow Dash and Twilight persuade the two to help each other, successfully allowing them to pass the academy entrance exam.
"To Where And Back Again - Part 1" October 22, 2016 625 25 142
Starlight is invited to attend a festival at her former village. Remembering her act of removing the villagers' cutie marks, Starlight fears they have not fully forgiven her, so she brings Trixie to accompany her. The villagers happily put Starlight in charge of the festivities, but she feels overwhelmed by the idea of leadership and flees. She and Trixie return to Ponyville to find Twilight and her friends being strangely dismissive of Starlight's misfortune at the village, despite earlier showing their support. That night, Princess Luna alerts Starlight in a dream that the changelings have replaced herself and all of Equestria's protectors, including Twilight and her friends, in their plan to conquer Equestria; Thorax also approaches to warn Starlight and Trixie of his kind's occupation of the Crystal Empire. Discord, the ponies' last remaining powerful ally in Equestria, transports himself, Starlight, Trixie and Thorax to the changelings' kingdom, where their friends are being held.
"To Where And Back Again - Part 2" October 22, 2016 626 26 143
Starlight, Trixie, Thorax and Discord mount a rescue of their friends from the Changeling Kingdom, where their magic is negated by the power of Queen Chrysalis' enchanted throne. The others turn to Starlight to lead them; despite her reluctance, Starlight manages to direct the others in misguiding the changeling drones they encounter. When Discord is caught in a trap of Fluttershy impersonators, Trixie sacrifices herself to his impostor so Starlight and Thorax can find and destroy Chrysalis' throne. Thorax attempts to distract Chrysalis by disguising himself as Starlight, but Chrysalis sees through his deception and begins forcefully draining the love he has accumulated from the Crystal Empire. Encouraged by Starlight, Thorax willingly gives Chrysalis his love, causing a powerful burst of magic that metamorphoses him into a new, benevolent form. His transformation inspires the other changelings to do the same, destroying the throne and freeing all of Starlight's captured friends. After Chrysalis flees, vowing revenge, Thorax becomes the hive's new leader while Starlight returns to her village's festival with her friends.

Season 7Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
"Celestial Advice" April 15, 2017 701 1 144
Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord are awarded medals of honor for defeating Queen Chrysalis and bringing harmony to the Changeling Kingdom. During the celebration reception, Twilight Sparkle realizes she has nothing left to teach Starlight because of her accomplishment, so she turns to Princess Celestia, her former mentor, for advice. Twilight considers following Celestia's example by sending Starlight to study away from Ponyville, and she becomes fraught with worry as she shows Celestia various scenarios of Starlight's studies that all end in disaster. Celestia breaks into laughter, admitting that she had the same anxieties over sending Twilight away out of fear of growing distant from her student. Twilight feels assured and announces Starlight's graduation to the party goers. To Twilight's joy, Starlight decides not to leave Ponyville until she feels ready to do so.
"All Bottled Up" April 15, 2017 702 2 145
While Twilight Sparkle and her friends are away on a friendship retreat, Starlight Glimmer remains at the castle to help Trixie practice her unicorn magic. Trixie carelessly uses a teleportation spell on Twilight's Cutie Map table, sending it to an unknown location. Starlight's rage causes a red cloud of magic to spew from her horn, which she contains in a glass bottle for fear of hurting Trixie. During their search for the map, Starlight's anger at Trixie's carefree behavior continues to mount until the bottle accidentally breaks and releases the cloud, which infects other nearby ponies and makes them attack Trixie. Starlight is able to dispel the cloud by venting her anger to Trixie, who finally apologizes for her actions. The two are able to find the map at the spa where they first met, and return it to the castle just as Twilight and her friends arrive.
"A Flurry of Emotions" April 22, 2017 703 3 146
Shining Armor and Princess Cadance appoint Twilight Sparkle to babysit Flurry Heart while they attend an art show to take a break from raising their infant daughter. Twilight gladly accepts the chance to spend time with her niece, despite her commitment to visiting sick foals at the hospital. When Twilight runs late for her appointment, she takes Flurry Heart along to remain on schedule, proving to be too busy to give Flurry Heart necessary attention. This causes Flurry Heart to act out and cause problems everywhere they go, culminating with her wreaking havoc around the hospital while searching for her stuffed snail toy. After Twilight scolds and frightens Flurry Heart, she recognizes her own negligence towards her niece and apologizes. Meanwhile, Shining Armor and Cadance begin to miss Flurry Heart and leave the art show early, returning to find Twilight spending quality time with her while Spike takes Twilight's place at the hospital.
"Rock Solid Friendship" April 29, 2017 704 4 147
After Maud Pie earns her "rocktorate" in rock science, Pinkie Pie takes her sister on a tour of Ponyville in the hope that she will move in with her. Maud, unimpressed with Ponyville's selection of rocks and minerals, agrees to stay if she can make a friend who understands her passion for rocks. She meets Starlight Glimmer, and the two become fast friends as they unearth a beautiful grotto near Ponyville together. However, Pinkie fails to notice their friendship in her excitement, and she constantly tries forcing them to get along. Maud becomes annoyed with Pinkie's interference and decides to move to Ghastly Gorge by herself instead. Realizing her mistake, Pinkie convinces Maud to give Ponyville a second chance, promising not to intrude on her. Maud reunites with Starlight and sets up her new home in the underground grotto.
"Fluttershy Leans In" May 6, 2017 705 5 148
When Ponyville's animal clinic is overrun with sick and injured animals, Fluttershy decides to help by following her dream of building a wildlife sanctuary. Her friends recommend three experts to assist with the project: Wrangler, an animal handler; Hard Hat, a construction worker; and Dandy Grandeur, an interior decorator. However, each expert disagrees with Fluttershy's vision, and they begin work on an entirely different structure that is unfit for the animals. Outraged at the experts for ignoring her directions, Fluttershy replaces them with her friend Big Daddy McColt, who uses his building experience to complete the sanctuary her way.
"Forever Filly" May 13, 2017 706 6 149
Rarity, feeling nostalgic for her sisterly bonding with Sweetie Belle, decides to spend the day together with her. However, all of Rarity's planned activities are things Sweetie Belle has outgrown, which Rarity fails to notice as Sweetie Belle reluctantly humors her. After finally growing annoyed with Rarity and leaving her, Sweetie Belle joins Apple Bloom and Scootaloo in helping another filly, Zipporwhill, reconnect with her pet dog, who has similarly grown disinterested in playing with her. Sweetie Belle figures out that Zipporwhill has been treating her grown dog like a puppy, and encourages her to find new ways to play. Rarity overhears this and apologizes for not treating Sweetie Belle her age, the sisters agreeing to try new activities together.
"Parental Glideance" May 20, 2017 707 7 150
Scootaloo interviews Rainbow Dash's parents, Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles, for a school report about her idol. The two are ecstatic when Scootaloo tells them that Rainbow Dash is now a Wonderbolt, and immediately visit their daughter to cheer for her. However, Rainbow Dash is mortified by her parents' overenthusiastic support, confiding in Scootaloo that she deliberately hid her induction from them for this reason. When her parents begin celebrating every mundane thing she does, Rainbow Dash snaps and angrily sends them away. Disappointed in her behavior, Scootaloo shows Rainbow Dash her report and helps her realize that her parents' lifelong support has built her into the confident and talented pony she is now. Rainbow Dash reconciles with her parents by performing a private Wonderbolts show for them to express her appreciation.
"Hard to Say Anything" May 27, 2017 708 8 151
The Cutie Mark Crusaders discover that Big McIntosh has a crush on Sugar Belle, the baker from Starlight Glimmer's village. They encourage Big Mac to confess his feelings, but he is interrupted by Feather Bangs, a pompous stallion who also has affections for Sugar Belle. The Crusaders help Big Mac compete against Feather Bangs using grand, romantic gestures, but Sugar Belle is overwhelmed by their advances and rejects both stallions. Dejected, the Crusaders help Big Mac prepare a more meaningful gift for Sugar Belle by building her a new bakery display case like she always wanted. Sugar Belle is delighted and accepts Big Mac's feelings, while the Crusaders decide to help the brokenhearted Feather Bangs find new love with his own admirers.
"Honest Apple" June 3, 2017 709 9 152
Rarity selects Applejack to serve as a judge for an upcoming fashion show. Applejack accepts, figuring that she simply needs to give her honest opinion. Before the show, Applejack is mystified by the other judges and stylists' fashion sense and heavily criticizes their design choices, bluntly telling them her belief that fashion is ridiculous. The offended fashion ponies storm out, forcing the show to be cancelled. When Applejack tries defending her opinions, Rarity takes her to a pony who unapologetically disregards apples, making Applejack realize how hurtful her own comments were. Gathering the fashion ponies, Applejack manages to get the show uncancelled. When given the deciding vote during the show, Applejack finds new admiration in the stylists' hard work and names all of them the winner.
"A Royal Problem" June 10, 2017 710 10 153
Starlight Glimmer is summoned by the Cutie Map to solve a friendship problem between Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, who feel unappreciated by each other. When the sisters argue over whose royal duties are more difficult, Starlight impulsively casts a spell that temporarily switches their cutie marks and abilities, intending to make them swap roles to change their perspective. The sisters agree to Starlight's idea, initially confident in their new responsibilities before quickly discovering their respective hardships: Luna finding it taxing to keep up appearances in public throughout the day; and Celestia realizing the loneliness of guarding Equestria at night. While observing her subjects' dreams, Celestia finds Starlight suffering from a nightmare where the sisters' feud has escalated into a battle between Nightmare Moon and Celestia's own evil alter ego, Daybreaker. With both sisters admitting their jobs are equally challenging, Celestia dispels Starlight's nightmare with Luna's support, finally ending their feud.
"Not Asking for Trouble" June 17, 2017 711 11 154
Pinkie Pie is invited to the rustic village of Yakyakistan, where she partakes in the yak holiday of Yikslurbertfest to prove her understanding of yak culture. During their customary stomping ritual, Pinkie and the yaks accidentally cause an avalanche that buries the entire village in snow, leaving them without food or shelter. Unable to dig the snow away on their own, Pinkie offers to gather her friends to assist the yaks, but the proud Prince Rutherford stubbornly rejects any outside help and opts to wait for the snow to melt instead. Pinkie disregards the prince and rallies her friends to secretly remove the snow while they sleep. Awakening the next morning to find the snow gone, Rutherford and the yaks commend Pinkie for helping them without their asking, and make her an honorary yak.
"Discordant Harmony" August 5, 2017 712 12 155
After joining Fluttershy for another tea party, Discord realizes he has never invited her for tea before, and extends the invitation. While shopping for supplies, Discord encounters Pinkie Pie, who suggests that he should make sure to have a party that would make Fluttershy feel comfortable. Discord takes it upon himself to change himself and his home in his realm to be much more normal in appeal to Fluttershy. When Fluttershy arrives, she sees that Discord is fading away, unable to make chaos. She rectifies the situation by creating chaos for him, which helps to restore him to normal. She reminds him that they get along so well because they are so different, and she was hoping to have a tea party under Discord's chaotic setting rather than one like her own. The two enjoy a chaotic tea party together.
"The Perfect Pear" August 5, 2017 713 13 156
Apple Bloom encounters a kindly old pear merchant named Grand Pear in the market. When she tells Applejack and Big McIntosh about it, they tell her about a long-standing feud between the Apple and Pear families that Granny Smith refuses to talk about. Visiting Goldie Delicious for more information, the siblings discover that their mother, Buttercup, was Grand Pear's daughter, originally named Pear Butter. Through stories told by friends of their parents, the siblings learn about the star-crossed romance between Pear Butter and their father, Bright Mac, which is complicated by Grand Pear's plans to move his family away from Ponyville. Bright Mac and Pear Butter hold a secret wedding ceremony that is discovered by their disapproving parents as soon as they are married. Pear Butter asserts her place with the Apple family and cuts ties with Grand Pear when he refuses to accept their love. In the present, the Apple siblings arrange a meeting between Granny Smith and the now remorseful Grand Pear, allowing their estranged grandparents to reconcile.
"Fame and Misfortune" August 12, 2017 714 14 157
After an encounter with two feuding fillies, Twilight Sparkle decides to publish her and her friends' shared friendship journal to help other ponies learn the lessons written inside. The journal becomes a success, but the six friends' entries draw unintended reactions: Rarity is insulted by ponies who find her selfish and insincere; Fluttershy is criticized for her inconsistent assertiveness; Pinkie Pie is laughed at for her every word; Rainbow Dash is swarmed by admirers everywhere she goes; Applejack is crowded by ponies who consider themselves a part of the Apple family; and Twilight is regarded as less interesting due to her princesshood. Confronted by a mob of ponies who bicker over which pony is the best, the six friends try to convince the crowd that their flaws are what make their friendship strong, but the ponies only continue to argue. Starlight Glimmer finds the two fillies from before, who tell Twilight that the journal was able to help them become better friends, which satisfies the six friends.
"Triple Threat" August 19, 2017 715 15 158
Spike invites Dragon Lord Ember to Ponyville for an official friendship meeting, forgetting that he has already invited Thorax for a get-together on the same day. When both guests arrive, Spike fears the two will not get along and decides to keep them separate. After this happens, the Cutie Map reacts to Spike and alerts him of a friendship problem in Ponyville, and he begins avoiding Ember and Thorax to find it. Ember angrily confronts Spike for his suspicious behavior, causing Thorax to threaten her in Spike's defense. The two quickly realize that they are both Spike's friends, and are upset by his deception. After working out their respective leadership problems together, however, Ember and Thorax befriend each other and forgive Spike, fulfilling his friendship mission.
"Campfire Tales" August 26, 2017 716 16 159
The Cutie Mark Crusaders' big-little sister camping trip with Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash is ruined when a swarm of fly-ders infests the camp. Taking refuge in a cave, the older mares decide to pass the time by telling the fillies each of their favorite legends. First, Applejack tells of Rockhoof, a scrawny stallion who grew in size and strength while digging a moat for a volcano to protect his village. Next, Rarity tells of Mistmane, a unicorn sorceress who sacrificed her youth and beauty to redeem an embittered friend. Finally, Rainbow Dash tells of Flash Magnus, a pegasus cadet who braved terrifying dragons with a fireproof shield to rescue his comrades. After the fly-ders leave, the fillies are inspired by the tales to make the best of their camping trip.
"To Change a Changeling" September 2, 2017 717 17 160
During a visit to the Changeling Kingdom, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie are attacked by Thorax's unreformed brother, Pharynx, who refuses to adopt the hive's new, peaceful ways. The other changelings feel uneasy around Pharynx and elect that he be banished from the hive for his ceaseless bullying. Starlight and Trixie agree, but when they confront Thorax over the issue, he is reluctant because Pharynx would always defend him from being teased by the other changelings. Starlight is inspired to lure a malworth, a giant bear-mole creature, to the hive, expecting Pharynx to come to Thorax's rescue in an act of brotherly love, only to find that Pharynx has already left of his own volition. Starlight, Trixie, and Thorax find him fending off the malworth to protect the hive, proving that he still cares for the changelings' safety. After working together to defeat the monster, Pharynx is accepted by the other changelings and transforms.
"Daring Done" September 9, 2017 718 18 161
Rainbow Dash is distressed when she and Pinkie Pie discover that A.K. Yearling has announced her retirement from writing the Daring Do book series, thus ending her adventures as the titular hero. When the two confront her, Yearling explains that she has grown disheartened over the collateral damage her heroics have caused, resulting in her being despised by the public. The two take Yearling to make amends in the city of Somnambula, where they discover that her nemesis Dr. Caballeron has been using Daring Do's tarnished reputation as a cover to commit thefts and blame them on her. When Rainbow Dash speaks in Daring Do's defense, Caballeron holds her hostage and lures Daring Do into a trap. Encouraged by Pinkie not to lose hope, Yearling rescues Rainbow Dash and ends her retirement, regaining public support by exposing Caballeron's deception and using her wealth to repair the city damages.
"It Isn't the Mane Thing About You" September 16, 2017 719 19 162
Rarity gets her mane ruined by Pinkie Pie's sticky party string before an important photo shoot. Zecora gives Rarity a specially made shampoo, but Rarity accidentally takes an identical removal potion intended for Pinkie's mess instead, and she loses most of her mane in the shower. While Zecora works on a remedy, Rarity is devastated when other ponies fail to notice her as she hides her mane out of shame. Zecora later tells Rarity that a magical fix for her mane is impossible, and her friends cannot make her a suitable wig in time, so she reluctantly cancels the shoot. Reminded by her friends that her mane does not define who she is, Rarity refashions her thinned mane into a punk style and confidently returns to her daily routine. Months later, after Rarity's mane has fully grown back, she is delighted to discover her friends had arranged a paparazzi shoot on the intended day of the photo shoot, starting a new fashion trend.
"A Health of Information" September 23, 2017 720 20 163
While helping Fluttershy gather supplies in a swamp, Zecora contracts a rare and terrible disease called Swamp Fever that threatens to eventually turn her into a tree, for which no cure is known. Holding herself responsible for Zecora's condition, Fluttershy vows to heal her as quickly as possible, no matter what it takes. After much sleepless searching, Fluttershy finds a special, remedial bee honey first discovered by her idol, the legendary healer Mage Meadowbrook. By this time, Fluttershy contracts Swamp Fever as well, but she continues to push herself for Zecora's sake until she ultimately passes out for three days due to extreme exhaustion during a confrontation with the territorial bees. A rested Fluttershy reflects that her careless determination has only endangered Zecora, so she enacts a careful plan to extract the honey using Meadowbrook's mask as a disguise, successfully treating Zecora and herself.
"Marks and Recreation" September 30, 2017 721 21 164
The Cutie Mark Crusaders open a day camp where "blank flank" foals may try new activities and discover their special talents. Rumble, the younger brother of Wonderbolt Thunderlane, appears to do poorly in every activity he tries, concerning the Crusaders. When they attempt to console him, Rumble angrily tells them his desire to remain a blank flank, convinced that cutie marks limit ponies to only performing their talents. He quickly rallies the other campers to his side, splitting off into a new camp where they can avoid doing anything that would produce a cutie mark, which quickly bores the campers. The Crusaders speak to Thunderlane to reason with his seemingly irrational brother, only for Thunderlane to reveal Rumble's excellence in most of the activities they have tried at camp. Realizing that Rumble is trying to avoid finding a talent that would keep him from his passion for flying, the Crusaders invite Thunderlane to participate in the camp's activities with the campers and prove how he excels in other things besides flying, and helping Rumble overcome his fear of trying new things.
"Once Upon a Zeppelin" October 7, 2017 722 22 165
Twilight learns that her parents have won a free zeppelin cruise for the whole family and, at Spike's suggestion, joins them to take a break from her royal duties. Shortly upon boarding, Twilight discovers the cruise to be a themed vacation experience hosted by Iron Will where the other passengers pay to spend time with her, invading her family's privacy. Not wanting to disappoint anybody, Twilight agrees to personally attend to the passengers so the rest of her family can enjoy their planned activities. In doing so, however, she misses a rare celestial event and is heartbroken. Cadance consoles Twilight, telling her the importance of setting aside time for herself. The passengers agree to respect Twilight's boundaries and turn against Iron Will for manipulating them, allowing Twilight to spend the rest of her family vacation in peace.
"Secrets and Pies" October 14, 2017 723 23 166
Pinkie Pie has been giving homemade pies to Rainbow Dash for years, but is shocked to find that Rainbow has apparently thrown her latest one away. After investigating around Ponyville and Wonderbolt headquarters, Pinkie realizes that Rainbow has never actually eaten any of the pies she has made and has been lying about enjoying them. After several attempts to get Rainbow to eat a pie, Pinkie finally catches her in the act of getting rid of one and publicly accuses her of the deception. Rainbow admits to Twilight Sparkle and Applejack that she dislikes all pies, not just Pinkie's, and realizes that saying so to Pinkie's face would have been devastating to her. Rainbow bakes a huge, disgusting pie and prepares to eat it in front of Pinkie as an apology for lying to her, but Pinkie stops her, having understood that each has been trying to make the other happy. The two agree to be more honest with each other in the future.
"Uncommon Bond" October 21, 2017 724 24 167
Sunburst comes to visit Ponyville, exciting Starlight with the opportunity to spend time with him for the first time since their childhood. To her dismay, Sunburst has little interest in their old activities and finds more in common with her other friends, bonding with Twilight over antiquing, Trixie over stage magic, and Maud over geology. Starlight attempts to reach out to him through their shared interest in magic by casting a spell to recreate their childhood, but her effort only makes Sunburst feel uncomfortable, convincing Starlight that he no longer wants to be her friend. Sunburst decides to make it up to her by creating a new variation of their favorite board game with help from her friends, showing her that they can still enjoy each other's company without common interests. With their friendship reaffirmed, Sunburst leaves Ponyville with an antique barrel containing a journal marked with Star Swirl the Bearded's insignia.
"Shadow Play - Part I" October 28, 2017 725 25 168
Sunburst shares his discovery of Star Swirl's secret journal with Twilight and her friends, which reveals how the sorcerer and Equestria's other legendary heroes—known as the Pillars of Old Equestria—sacrificed themselves to defeat the monstrous Pony of Shadows one thousand years ago. While researching the six heroes' disappearance, Twilight and company deduce that the Pillars are still alive in the timeless realm of limbo, where they have imprisoned themselves alongside the Pony of Shadows for the past millennium. Against Starlight's reservations, Twilight is convinced that freeing Star Swirl, her lifelong idol, would benefit Equestria. To do this, each of the six obtains one of the Pillars' magical artifacts scattered across the land, gathering them to the site of the sealing ritual. Although they succeed in releasing the Pillars, doing so inadvertently brings the Pony of Shadows back as well.
"Shadow Play - Part II" October 28, 2017 726 26 169
The Pony of Shadows, weakened after his thousand-year captivity, retreats to the darkest corners of Equestria to recover his strength. Rebuked by Star Swirl for unleashing Equestria's greatest threat, Twilight resolves to redeem herself by helping him and the other Pillars return the Pony of Shadows to limbo, this time by sacrificing the Elements of Harmony—originally created by the Pillars to maintain harmony in Equestria—in the heroes' place. The Cutie Map directs the ponies to the monster's location; Starlight, noting that the map only summons them for friendship missions, learns from the Pillars that the Pony of Shadows was once their friend named Stygian, whom they cast out for attempting to steal their artifacts. When the ponies use the Elements on the Pony of Shadows, Twilight and Starlight see Stygian in the monster's body and reach out to him, learning that his supposed betrayal was actually an attempt to help the Pillars protect Equestria as their equal. The Pillars realize their error and help the six friends use the Elements to separate Stygian from the shadow creature, which is reimprisoned. Their friendship restored, Stygian and the Pillars remain in the present era to explore Equestria.

Season 8Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
"School Daze - Part 1" March 24, 2018 801 1 170
Following their adventure to save Equestria from the Storm King (shown in My Little Pony: The Movie), Twilight Sparkle and her friends discover the Cutie Map has expanded to cover lands beyond their kingdom. Twilight receives approval from the Equestria Education Association (EEA) to open a school devoted to teaching the benefits of friendship across these lands, with her friends serving as teachers and staff. She also welcomes five students from other species to attend: Gallus, a sarcastic griffon; Yona, a clumsy yak; Smolder, a cocky dragon; Ocellus, a timid changeling; and Silverstream, a hyper hippogriff. The students initially enjoy the school, but quickly grow bored as Twilight forces her friends to adhere to the EEA's strict guidelines for teaching. The five creatures decide to skip class along with their pony classmate, Sandbar, becoming fast friends on their own. While playing, they accidentally wreak havoc on the school during an evaluation conducted by EEA head Chancellor Neighsay. Convinced that the non-pony students are dangerous, Neighsay immediately shuts the school down.
"School Daze - Part 2" March 24, 2018 802 2 171
A depressed Twilight mulls over her School of Friendship being unaccredited until Starlight Glimmer encourages her to try again, this time without following the EEA's rules. She and her friends attempt to convince the other species' leaders to let their students return to the school, only to learn that the students have all run away from home, with tensions between the different kingdoms rising to the threat of all-out war. The ponies discover that Sandbar has been hiding the other students at the Castle of the Two Sisters, where they rescue them from being attacked by a horde of pukwudgies. Amazed by the ponies' heroism, the students agree to give the school another chance. Chancellor Neighsay confronts Twilight for her unauthorized reopening of the school, but Twilight asserts her authority as Princess of Friendship and overturns him with her own set of school rules. Twilight's friends use their own unique teaching methods to make the school more appealing, and the leaders allow their students to continue their studies in Equestria.
"The Maud Couple" March 31, 2018 803 3 172
Pinkie Pie learns that her sister Maud is dating a stallion named Mudbriar, who has an interest in sticks similar to Maud's interest in rocks, and is as outwardly dull and blunt as she is. Although Maud and Mudbriar are happy together, Pinkie fails to see anything in common between them, finding Mudbriar's personality to be annoying and strange. Despite her best efforts to comprehend their relationship, Pinkie eventually becomes convinced that Maud prefers Mudbriar over her and runs back to their old rock farm in despair. After her sisters Limestone and Marble help Pinkie realize that Maud sees Mudbriar differently than her, Pinkie returns and makes peace with Mudbriar, accepting that Maud's happiness with him is all that matters.
"Fake It Til You Make It" April 7, 2018 804 4 173
Rarity leaves Fluttershy in charge of her boutique in Manehattan while she is out of town for a fashion show in Canterlot. Fluttershy is intimidated by the pushy customers, so Rarity advises her to wear an outfit to boost her confidence. Taking Rarity's advice to heart, Fluttershy begins dressing up and acting out different characters to match her customers' personalities, which helps the store's sales. However, she takes her role playing so far that she begins driving customers away with her rude behavior, getting rid of her raccoon helpers as well. The raccoons bring Fluttershy's friends to help, but she kicks them out of the store. Her friends then turn to Rarity, who fires Fluttershy, bringing her back to her senses. Fluttershy apologizes to her friends, and Rarity assures her that she already has the inner strength needed to succeed.
"Grannies Gone Wild" April 14, 2018 805 5 174
Rainbow Dash is eager to ride the Wild Blue Yonder, a famous roller coaster in Las Pegasus, before it permanently closes. Applejack agrees to take over Rainbow Dash's classes at the School of Friendship if she chaperones Granny Smith and her elderly friends for their annual Las Pegasus vacation, strictly instructing Rainbow Dash to never let them overexert themselves or leave her sight. Rainbow Dash reluctantly accepts, and attempts to convince the grannies to rest in their hotel so she can have time for herself. However, the grannies sneak off while Rainbow Dash discovers the coaster's long waiting line, forcing Rainbow Dash to spend most of the day following them and interfering with their exciting activities, much to their annoyance. When Rainbow Dash apologizes for ruining their fun and explains she is only following Applejack's instructions, the grannies laugh over Applejack's overprotectiveness and invite Rainbow Dash to ride the coaster with them, using their VIP passes to skip the line.
"Surf and/or Turf" April 21, 2018 806 6 175
The Cutie Map summons the Cutie Mark Crusaders to the hippogriffs' kingdom on Mount Aris, where half of its denizens have decided to live in the underwater city of Seaquestria as seaponies. Terramar, a young hippogriff whose parents live separately in each location, cannot decide whether he belongs on land with his father or underwater with his mother. The Crusaders are unable to agree among themselves—Sweetie Belle arguing for the mountain's captivating landscape while Scootaloo favors the fun of swimming with the sea creatures—which makes Terramar even more indecisive. The three arrange a gathering of hippogriffs and seaponies at the shoreline for Terramar, whose parents tell him he is not limited to choosing one place to live. Encouraged, Terramar settles on living as both a hippogriff and a seapony.
"Horse Play" April 28, 2018 807 7 176
Twilight organizes a stage play honoring the anniversary of Princess Celestia's first raising of the sun. Learning that Celestia has never been in a play despite her love of theater, Twilight offers her the lead role, to Celestia's glee. As Rainbow Dash excitedly spreads the word of Celestia's involvement across Equestria, however, Twilight is mortified by Celestia's poor acting skills and fears that Celestia will humiliate herself in front of her subjects, but she keeps it to herself to avoid hurting Celestia's feelings. When the day of the play arrives and Celestia's performance has not improved, Twilight panics and unwittingly vents her frustrations with Celestia in front of her, causing Celestia to storm off. Twilight apologizes to Celestia for lying and admits she only intended to repay Celestia for her years of guidance. Celestia agrees to help Twilight salvage the play by directing the other actors from backstage, making it a success.
"The Parent Map" May 5, 2018 808 8 177
Starlight and Sunburst are unenthused to learn they have been summoned by the Cutie Map to their childhood home of Sire's Hollow, due to their strained relationship with their parents: Firelight, Starlight's over-affectionate father, and Stellar Flare, Sunburst's domineering mother. They are further dismayed when their mission appears to be settling a feud between the two parents, but find this is not the case after ending the fight quickly. Starlight and Sunburst try to avoid their parents as much as possible while they look for their real mission, only for their parents to continually meddle with their search. After finally snapping at their parents for their unwanted interference, Starlight and Sunburst realize their estrangement from them is the problem they were summoned to solve. The two complete their mission by apologizing to their parents, who agree to give them more independence.
"Non-Compete Clause" May 12, 2018 809 9 178
Applejack and Rainbow Dash compete with each other to receive the "Teacher of the Month" award at the School of Friendship. Twilight selects them to lead a field trip together to teach their students about teamwork, but their constant bickering over which activities they should do creates problems. Persuading Twilight to give them another chance, the two continue the trip by letting the other take the lead, which takes up more of their focus than teaching their students. When their polite argument over making a bridge leaves them stuck over a river, the students work together to save them. The students vouch for them as teacher of the month by telling Twilight that the two were arguing on purpose to teach them the incorrect way of working as a team, but Twilight catches on to the truth, causing Applejack and Rainbow Dash to argue all over again.
"The Break Up Breakdown" May 19, 2018 810 10 179
On Hearts and Hooves Day, Big McIntosh sends to Sugar Belle a romantic package that is lost in the mail, being sent to Sweetie Belle by mistake. When Big Mac notices Sugar Belle at Sugarcube Corner later, he overhears her talking with Mrs. Cake about ending a relationship with someone, and concludes that she means to break up with him. Spike and Discord attempt to console the heartbroken Big Mac, with Discord suggesting he assert himself by breaking up with her before she has the opportunity. After he does so, breaking her heart, Big Mac realizes he has only been letting out his frustrations and returns to her to have a proper conversation over their breakup. Sugar Belle reveals she never received Big Mac's package and had actually planned to end her business relationship with her cousin so she could begin working in Ponyville, having no intention of leaving Big Mac. Realizing their miscommunication, the two get back together.
"Molt Down" May 26, 2018 811 11 180
Spike begins experiencing bizarre body changes such as breaking out in pimple-like blemishes, losing control of his fire breath, and emitting foul stenches. Smolder explains that Spike is molting, which all dragons undergo during adolescence; she adds that the molting process typically causes dragons to be kicked out of their homes, which Spike worries is the case when Twilight tells him to leave the Castle of Friendship to keep him from accidentally burning their belongings. When he visits Zecora for a solution, his smell unwittingly attracts a predatory rock that catches Zecora, as well as Rarity when she arrives for the zebra's remedies. Spike molts all of his skin to find he has grown a pair of wings, which allows him to fend the roc off and rescue his friends. Afterward, Twilight assures Spike that she has no intention of getting rid of him, and promises to help him get used to his changes.
"Marks for Effort" June 2, 2018 812 12 181
The Cutie Mark Crusaders sneak by the School of Friendship. They want to enroll and become students, but while inside Twilight says that they already understand the message of friendship and they didn't need their teaching. From there, the Crusaders find ways to convince the teachers of getting into the school, but to no avail. While in their treehouse discussing ideas, a student from the school is crying outside. The Crusaders ask why she's crying, and responds with it's too hard. The Crusaders decide to help her on homework, and study for a test. Later, the student tells the Crusaders she failed it, crying and running away. Sweetie Bell and Applebloom were confused why she failed. Before they can say anything further, Twilight tells the three to come into her office. There, she is disappointing in learning the student failed despite all the heavy mentoring, and thus tells the three to never go near her school or her students again. The student heads to see Starlight Glimmer and tells her that she failed the test on purpose so Twilight and the other can accept them in for having a friendship problem. Glimmer heads to the Schoolhouse, and asks Ms. Cheerilee to have the Crusaders for one occasion. Glimmer and the Crusaders head to the School of Friendship with teachers, Twilight and student present. The Crusaders are all presented with honorary degrees. From there, the Crusaders join the student and head off for more mentoring.
"The Mean 6" June 9, 2018 813 13 182
Queen Chrysalis creates evil clones of Twilight and her friends to seize control of the Elements of Harmony and exact revenge against Starlight. Chrysalis and the clones search for the Elements in the Everfree Forest, where the real ponies and Starlight are on a camping trip. Wandering off from each other, the real ponies unknowingly encounter their clones, who mistreat and insult them before sneaking away. Mistaking the clones for their actual friends, the real ponies get into a heated argument when they eventually regroup. However, Twilight quickly manages to resolve the argument, and they happily resume their trip. Meanwhile, Chrysalis and the clones find the Tree of Harmony, but the clones are destroyed by the Elements when they attempt to use them to betray Chrysalis, who once again swears revenge against the oblivious ponies.
"A Matter of Principals" August 4, 2018 814 14 183
The Mane 6 are called by the Cutie Map to a mission far away from Ponyville. Twilight leaves Starlight Glimmer to run the school and to do a scavenger hunt while they're gone. Discord appears and offers to help out, but Starlight refuses. A resentful Discord begins to unleash chaos on the school with Starlight trying to control each situation. She gets fed up with his antics, and banishes Discord from the school grounds with her magic. The scavenger hunt goes underway afterwards, but Discord, manifesting as a ghost, sabotages it. Starlight realizes what she did to Discord was wrong in turning down his offer to help, and apologizes to him. She unbanishes Discord and offers him the position of vice headmare. He accepts it and helps re-do the scavenger hunt. However, the Mane 6 return and Twilight reveals that Discord created a fake friendship mission to send them away, but thanks Starlight for helping run the school.
"The Hearth's Warming Club" August 4, 2018 815 15 184
As the School of Friendship is about to go on winter break, a cloaked figure triggers a blast of purple goo that ruins its Hearth's Warming Eve decorations. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Spike chase the figure into the students' dormitory but do not see it leave, leading them to conclude that one of these six is responsible. The guilty party will have to stay over the break for extra friendship lessons; if none of them confesses, all of them will stay and miss the holidays. As the students begin cleaning up and Rainbow calls them in for questioning, they describe the way their respective cultures celebrate the holidays. None of them confesses, leading to accusations and arguments that eventually spur Gallus to admit that he pulled the prank; he wanted to stay on campus with his friends instead of going home to Griffonstone and its dreary celebration. Having overheard, Twilight thanks him for his honesty but says that he must still face punishment. The other students volunteer to stay with Gallus, and Twilight invites the entire group to celebrate Hearth's Warming with her and her friends.
"Friendship University" August 11, 2018 816 16 185
When Twilight learns that a new friendship school has opened in Las Pegasus, she and Rarity travel there to check it out. The school, Friendship University, is run by Flim and Flam and has enrolled Starswirl the Bearded, to Twilight's shock, and Chancellor Neighsay grants it full accreditation. Twilight and Rarity begin to investigate, with Rarity taking classes and Twilight sneaking into the brothers' office to search for evidence that the school is a fraud. They catch her in the act and threaten to publish a photo of the break-in to ruin her reputation; Twilight acquiesces at first in the face of Starswirl's disapproval, but Rarity persuades her not to give up. The two mares soon discover that the brothers are charging high fees for the worksheets needed to complete the coursework (based on a stolen copy of Twilight's own curriculum) and planning to use the money to expand their Las Pegasus resort. When Starswirl learns of the scheme, he intimidates them into refunding the students' money and shutting down Friendship University. He promises to attend the School of Friendship if he needs lessons in the future, but Twilight and Rarity are left wondering how Flim and Flam could have gotten the lesson plans.
"The End in Friend" August 18, 2018 817 17 186
While helping Twilight Sparkle teach a class on compromise, Rainbow Dash and Rarity get into an argument on how to spend their day off. Twilight and the students accompany them for a practical demonstration, but neither shows much interest in the other's pursuits (buckball and fashion) and they get so annoyed with each other that they declare their friendship to be at an end. Starlight Glimmer tries in vain to reconcile them, then receives word that a magical artifact has been stolen from the School of Friendship. Rainbow and Rarity are dispatched to track it down, but continue to aggravate one another as they follow the artifact's trail to a swamp. Working together, they cross safely to the far shore, follow the trail up a mountainside, and find a secret passage that leads back to campus. There they learn that Twilight, Starlight, and Spike faked the theft in order to remind them of their friendship. Having developed a new appreciation for each other's interests, Rainbow and Rarity leave to go shopping for some new buckball playing gear (for Rainbow) and fan attire (for Rarity).
"Yakity-Sax" August 25, 2018 818 18 187
Pinkie Pie has taken up the yovidaphone, a popular instrument in Yakyakistan, but her inept practicing becomes an annoyance to the residents of Ponyville. Her friends let her keep at it, hoping that she will improve; however, her playing remains as bad as ever and starts to interfere with their daily lives. She abandons the instrument at their urging, outwardly cheerful but secretly heartbroken. When the others realize her true emotional state, they try in vain to re-engage her in activities that she enjoys and is good at. A few days later, they learn from Maud that Pinkie is moving to Yakyakistan and travel there to find her listening to a performance by a yovidaphone master. The music depresses her even further, since she is convinced she will never play that well, but the performer persuades her to try since the whole point of the yovidaphone is to bring joy to those who play it. Though Pinkie's playing is as discordant as before, she regains her happy temperament, earns an ovation from the yaks in the audience, and agrees to return to Ponyville.
"Road to Friendship" September 1, 2018 819 19 188
After a successful magic show in Ponyville, Trixie decides to do a tour in Saddle Arabia and take Starlight along. The two get along well at first, but start to get on each other's nerves once they reach their first stop, the desert village of Somnambula. Starlight's reckless spending leaves them short of money, and they have to spend the night in Trixie's cramped wagon since all the inns are booked up. They aggravate each other all night long, and the next day's show degenerates into an exchange of insults. The next day, Starlight trades Trixie's wagon for a larger one without telling her; furious, Trixie sends her home with it and tries to continue the tour alone. Starlight eventually returns to apologize for making the trade, and the two persuade its original owner - a Saddle Arabian unicorn named Hoo'Far, who had enjoyed the show in Ponyville - to return Trixie's wagon by embarrassing themselves in front of him for the sake of friendship. Returning to Ponyville, Trixie and Starlight are happy for at least having made the attempt and for learning that they should not do it again.
"The Washouts" September 8, 2018 820 20 189
When Rainbow Dash learns that Scootaloo has taken an interest in a stunt team called the Washouts, she fears that she may lose her number-one fan. The team's show is filled with dangerous tricks that impress Rainbow in spite of herself, and she discovers that all the members have been thrown out of the Wonderbolts - including her old rival Lightning Dust. Their refusal to follow basic safety protocols worries Rainbow, but neither she nor Wonderbolt captain Spitfire can disabuse Scootaloo of her fascination with the Washouts. In a fit of rebellion, Scootaloo joins the team so she can have a chance to do something amazing despite being unable to fly. Lightning pressures her into doing an extremely dangerous, untested ramp jump on a rocket-powered scooter, but Rainbow saves her just in time and the scooter drags Lightning away into the sky. The two apologize to one another, Scootaloo for not seeing the danger Lightning put her in and Rainbow for letting her ego get in the way of being a good role model, and Rainbow starts a new fan club in Scootaloo's honor.
"A Rockhoof and a Hard Place" September 15, 2018 821 21 190
After Rockhoof causes damage to the site of his old village during an archaeological dig, Twilight Sparkle hires him as a teacher at the School of Friendship. Although the students are captivated by his story of fighting an Ursa Major, he inadvertently disrupts classes all over campus while telling it and fighting what he thinks is an out-of-control fire. Twilight and her friends try to find Rockhoof a job in Ponyville, without success, and she and Applejack take him to visit the other Pillars of Equestria and see how they have adapted to modern society. The visits leave Rockhoof more dejected, and after accidentally steering a hippogriff naval vessel aground, he decides to have Twilight turn him into a statue. Yona persuades him to reconsider by reading him an essay on heroism she wrote for class, and he finds that the entire town is eager to hear the rest of his Ursa Major story. Recognizing that Rockhoof can serve as a living connection to Equestria's past, Twilight appoints him as the realm's Keeper of Tales.
"What Lies Beneath" September 22, 2018 822 22 191
The Young Six's worries over an upcoming exam are worsened by Cozy Glow's comments that friendship goes against the non-pony students' nature. A light shining from a floor grate in the School of Friendship's library leads them to a network of underground caverns, where an image of Twilight Sparkle puts them to a series of tests that they must pass in order to escape. Each student is confronted with his/her worst fear, but they help each other to overcome these and prove to the phantom Twilight - actually the Tree of Harmony - that they do understand the nature of friendship. Once they return to the library, exhausted from the night's adventure, Cozy Glow apologizes for her earlier words and arranges for them to get an extension on their exam.
"Sounds of Silence" September 29, 2018 823 23 192
On a friendship mission to the Peaks of Peril, Applejack and Fluttershy find a village inhabited by Kirin, who do not speak or show any emotion. A talkative outcast Kirin named Autumn Blaze explains to Applejack that an argument between Kirin once caused them to turn into angry, fiery creatures called Nirik and burn down their village. They bathed in a magic stream that cooled their emotions, but also silenced their voices; Autumn later found a flower that allowed her to speak again, but the village became irritated with her chatter and exiled her. Applejack and Fluttershy argue over the wisdom of giving the cure to the others, leading the Kirin to carry them toward the stream, but Autumn arrives as a Nirik to stop them. Reverting to Kirin form, she convinces the others that they can channel any anger they feel into non-destructive outlets. After a group of squirrels leads Applejack and Fluttershy to the flowers that Autumn used for the cure, the Kirin regain their voices and welcome Autumn back to the village.
"Father Knows Beast" October 6, 2018 824 24 193
As Twilight Sparkle starts to worry that Spike's upbringing among ponies may have held him back in exploring his dragon heritage, an adult male dragon named Sludge crash-lands in Ponyville. Spike takes him back to the Castle of Friendship so he and the Mane Six can help him recover from his injuries, and Sludge reveals that he is Spike's father and has been trying to find him for years. As Spike and Sludge spend time together, Sludge persuades Spike to give up his comfortable lifestyle in the Castle, while secretly planning to move in and enjoy its luxuries for himself. Spike accuses Twilight of being jealous that he has a real parent in his life, but Smolder is unimpressed with Sludge's loafing and tells Spike that dragons should not act that way. With her help, Spike tricks Sludge into thinking that both of them are going to move out of the Castle and into a cave. Sludge admits that he is not Spike's father and leaves, and Spike apologizes to Twilight and acknowledges her as his family.
"School Raze - Part 1" October 13, 2018 825 25 194
After a malfunctioning spell endangers the students, the ponies discover that magic has been failing across Equestria. Upon Cozy Glow's suggestion, the Mane 6 and Spike travel to Tartarus to check on the magic-eating centaur Tirek. Tirek reveals he has been keeping contact with a protege to help him exact a revenge plot to trick the group into trapping themselves in Tartarus. At the school, Cozy Glow assumes the role of headmare at the school despite Twilight appointing Starlight. Chancellor Neighsay then seizes control from her and detains the Young Six believing them to be responsible for the failing magic. Feining a change of allegiance to escape, Sandbar seeks the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Underneath the school, they discover that Cozy Glow has been using the school's magical artifacts to imprison Starlight and drain magic from Equestria, intent to rule it as the Empress of Friendship.
"School Raze - Part 2" October 13, 2018 826 26 195
At the School of Friendship, Cozy Glow, Tirek's protege, turns the student population against Neighsay, trapping him in his office and regaining control of the school. Sandbar frees the Young Six who then free Neighsay and formulate a plan to remove the magical artifacts to shut down the spell but Cozy Glow convinces the other students that they are responsible for the disappearing magic. In the ensuing struggle, the Young Six get trapped in the spell's vortex but are rescued by the Tree of Harmony's magic. Removing the artifacts, the spell is shut down and magic everywhere is restored. Having escaped Tartarus by coercing Tirek's help, the Mane 6 prevents Cozy Glow's escape and Twilight tries to explain to her that gaining power is not the purpose of friendship. A remorseful Neighsay returns control of the school to Twilight learning that non-ponies are equally capable of friendship. Now imprisoned in Tartarus, Cozy Glow asks Tirek if he wants to be friends with her.


Screenshot Title Original airdate Total Count
"Best Gift Ever" October 27, 2018 196
Twilight and her friends do a "Hearthswarming Helper" to get just one Hearth's Warming present for another pony, and they race all over Equestria to find the perfect gift.

Season 9Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
"The Beginning of the End - Part 1" April 6, 2019 901 1 197
Twilight experiences self-doubt when Celestia and Luna decide to retire and hand off the ruling of Equestria to Twilight and her friends.
"The Beginning of the End - Part 2" April 6, 2019 902 2 198
As Twilight and the rest of the Mane six struggle to come to terms with the destruction of the Tree and Elements of Harmony, King Sombra sets his sights on conquering all of Equestria.
"Uprooted" April 13, 2019 903 3 199
The Young Six respond to a magical summons from the Tree of Harmony, only to learn it has been destroyed.
"Twilight's Seven" April 20, 2019 904 4 200
Twilight and Shining Armor pit their wits against each other to settle a long-standing sibling rivalry, but they soon discover they are not the only competitors.
"The Point of No Return" April 27, 2019 905 5 201
Twilight realizes she never returned a book to the Canterlot Library and may have caused her favorite librarian to lose her job.
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