Igneous Rock, also known as Igneous, is Pinkie Pie 's father. He is married to Cloudy Quartz. Igneous runs the most successful rock farm in Ponyville history. Everyone in the family worked hard at 'his' rock farm. His sedimentary rock collection is the envy of absolutely no pony. Igneous works hard and never spoke, smiled or had fun. His cutie mark is a hammer on a rock. He wears a hat similar to Applejack. One day, when Pinkie Pie was working, A sonic rainboom made her smile. She threw a party and made her parents smile, including Igneous. Now he probably talks, smiles and has fun just like Pinkie Pie , his daughter. Secret Son PoundCake Igneous probably still lives and works on the rock farm.


Image625.jpeg Image627.jpeg|A bit of his mouth showing up. Image628.jpeg Image630.jpeg Image632.jpeg Image633.jpeg Image634.jpeg </gallery> Igneous Rock Gallery