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Princess Luna is a co-ruler of Equestria and rules with Princess Celestia, her older sister.

Appearance Season2+


Princess Luna lives in Canterlot in Equestria with all of the other Princesses and Princes. Prince Shining Armor , Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight Sparkle, also Prince Blueblood.

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Her occupation is ruling Equestria with Princess Celestia . Her occupation is also rising setting the moon, and she appears in dreams.


Princess Luna Season 1


 Her eyes are moderate cyan (with catlike pupils as Nightmare Moon):

  • Her mane is moderate sapphire blue with a grayish persian blue aura surrounding -very light azure (in Friendship is Magic, part 2) Brilliant phthalo blue with a grayish persian blue aura surrounding (as Nightmare Moon)
  • Coat Dark blue Grayish phthalo blue (in Friendship is Magic, part 2)-Very dark cornflower blue (as Nightmare Moon)
  • Magic aura Moderate Cobalt blue ~Brilliant cyan with light violet sparks (as Nightmare Moon)


Princess Celestia (sister) Image359

Princess Cadance (adoptive niece)

Prince Blueblood (distant nephew)

[[Button Mash (Nephew)

Shining Armor (nephew-in-law)


Princess Luna tries to be nice and kind after she was evil, and tried to be generous and wanted to be loved. She sometimes yells but overall is a nice and loved well princess and likes this 'fun'!

Nightmare MoonEdit

She can turn into Nightmare Moon by using her magic and can have 'fun' this way.


Tabitha St. Germain (English)

Marjolein Algera (Dutch)

Princess Luna Only

Magda Giner (Spanish)


Princess Luna Gallery