Princess Twilight Sparkle is the title Twilight Sparkle received in the last episode of the 3rd season. She is an aunty to Pumpkin Cake in the series

Go to Twilight Sparkle to find more if she was'nt into music she would make clothes for many ponies such as Pinkie pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pumpkin Cake is Twilight,s Neice in element of Harmony prev episode Twilight Time in one of the pony episode Twilight talks about the History of Magic

She is a superhero spy who jumps into a magical world to save a city from an evil villain called pound cake who is a scary monster

She lives in a secret lair at the bottom of a green river and is a fish collector.

She won a gold medal in Olympics and defeats lots of evil monsters She has a pet snake called snakalicious and a firebreathing dragon called poison Her real name is Rock Cake. Princess Twilight Sparkle is her spy