Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus pony who likes to fly! Her absolute dream is to become friends and become a Wonderbolt!
Rainbow Dash

She is brave, bold and also loyal! She can also be insecure and stressed at times. She is always there to stand up for her friends, and shows off her moves! She can be jealous at sometimes but she is always willing to win and she would be a good friend.

She lives in Cloudsdale. She is also a tomboy and has a pet called Tank.

Her body color is light blue, her eye color is pink, her hair color is rainbow, and her cutie mark is a rainbow lighting bolt.


In 'May The Best Pet Win' episode, Rainbow Dash was seeing which pet she wanted. She did a race with all of them and even with the tortoise. Rainbow got annoyed.

But then she picked Tank because he helped her get to the finish line. Tank is a very caring and cute turtle pet.

Pip Squeak Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash conceive him during a tumble on the beach 1 episode as a Pirate 2nd luna eclipsed he now is a famous Doctor

Cutie markEdit

She got her cutie mark when she was doing a race with her so-called friends. Then she boosted as fast as lightning, and her so-called friends budged and nudged her to get ahead.

She tried doing the same thing and then she got ahead.

Then she boosted faster than lightning and did a sonic rainboom that helped her friends get their cutie marks. Her mane blended in within the rainbow.

someone admired Rainbow Dash. Then at the end of the race, she got her cutie mark and defeated them.

Best FriendsEdit

Rainbow Dash has knew Fluttershy when they were fillies and she has been best friends with Pinkie too.

  • Rainbow Dash helped her friends get cutie marks

In 'Gilda The Brush-Off' Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash became friends and played pranks.

Equestria GirlsEdit

She appears in the film Equestria Girls.
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