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Rarity is a female pony and she lives in Ponyville. Her dream is to live in Canterlot, but realises the best place to be is with her friends!|<Piece>


For Horse, see Pony and 🦄.She is very caring and kind. She always tries and stands up for her friends, and sometimes can get very jealous, but also sarcastic. However she is always giving ponies items and is the element of generosity, giving needs of ponies.

PS: She does have an excuisite taste in fashion and she doesn't like to get dirty nore wet.


Her sister is Sweetie Belle, and her mother is called Pearl. Her father is called Magnum. They can be seen in Sisterhooves Social.


Her career is to become a famous fashion model, like Fluttershy did in the episode 'Green Isn't Your Color.' Her career has finally came true in 'Rarity takes Manehattan.' She designs beautiful and nice clothes, and she has many fashion tips to share.

Equestria GirlsEdit

She appears in the film Equestria Girls.and still makes fashions for the ponies in Equestria girls she teams up with Rainbow Dash in the fashion business $ Insert formula here $

Cutie markEdit

She got her cutie mark when she was a filly. As mentioned, she was asked by her teacher to make costumes and the teacher said:"It's nice." But then Rarity said "Nice?! It should be stunning!" After that day she went home and suddenly her horn took her somewhere, and it took all night. Then she saw a rock. She was really angry because she thought that the rock was her destiny. But then when Rainbow Dash preformed a sonic Rainboom, and the rock opened, revealing gemstones inside. Then she put gems on the costumes. Every pony admired it. Her teacher was impressed. All of a sudden, she realized her destiny and received her cutie mark.

Love for fashion Edit

Rarity loves fashion so much an one episode she made dress for her friends. Her element of harmony is generosity.

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