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Occupation of being captain of the royal guards

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Shining Armor is the one of the princes in Canterlot.


As mentioned in A Canterlot Wedding, he is Captain of the Royal Guards and co-leader of the Crystal Empire, and prince of Equestria. He rules The Crystal Empire with Mi Amore Cadenza ,Princess Cadance .


He is very brave and helps and stands up for friends, he always does want he can. He is very polite and generous. He faces dangers when he let his friends go. He is very proud to have a sister like Twilight.


His eyes are moderate cerulean, his mane is moderate sapphire blue with moderator cerulean and phthalo blue, his coat is turquoise white, and his magic aura is light rose. His hooves are moderate sapphire blue.
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Night Light: father

Twilight Velvet: mother

Twilight Sparkle: sister
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Being cursed by Chrysalis

Princess Cadance: wife

Princess Celestia: aunt-in-law

Princess Luna: aunt-in-law

Unnamed uncle.

Princess Skyla (rumoured): Daughter


Andrew Francis (English)

Philippe Allard (European French)

Nico Sablik (German)

Tamás Markovics (Hungarian, season 2) Károly Moser (Hungarian, season 3)

Patrizio Prata (Italian)

Michał Podsiadło (Polish)

Wendel Bezerra (Brazilian Portuguese)

Evgeniy Waltz (Russian)

Marc Zanni (European Spanish)

José Antonio Macías (Latin American Spanish)

Nicknames & residenceEdit

He is nicknamed Prince or Prince Shining Armor.

He lives in the Crystal Empire and Canterlot.