Shining Armour

aka Captain of the Royal Guards

  • I live in Canterlot Castle, Equestria, Canterlot.
  • My occupation is Doing royal duties
  • I am Princess Twilight Sparkle's sister and Princess Cadence's husband.
  • Shining Armour


    December 21, 2013 by Shining Armour

    Season 4 interview. MLP wiki.

    S4 E interview, etc.

    @mlp Wiki.

    WIKIA, wiki,


    Welcome, do you think season 4 is nice?

    I am glad my YSBFF(younger sister best friends forever) has became princess.

    Since my royal duties, I have forgotten everything about my sister. I am happy she lives in the castle.

    Even though I also live in the Crystal Empire, I love that my sis is princess.

    She is an alicorn.

    I thought it was impossible!

    Princess Celestia is very generous.

    She has helped with so many things.

    I am proud of her.

    Glad she was princess Celestia's student, because then she would be misbehaving!

    But when she learns friendship, she learns how to be friends and behave nicely.

    She has been studying hard all year, and deserves to be a princess, even though it …

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